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At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre, our team of experienced MOE-trained Chinese tutors based in Singapore design and review the curriculum and lesson materials on a regular basis. To hone the language skills of local students, rest assured that our professional and dedicated Chinese tutors will tailor courses to suit the specific needs of local students. In view of the unique education climate in Singapore, established strategies are infused into our lessons for all Secondary and JC students.

Furthermore, our Chinese curriculum embraces the bilingual education model. Upon analysis of the different profiles of students, our tutors will incorporate the Second Language Teaching pedagogy strategically to stretch the learning potential of Secondary Chinese Language / Higher Chinese and JC Chinese Language students in Singapore.


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Class Schedule

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre offers the chance for you to learn at a suitable level and pace, with all enrichment classes geared towards the National Examinations in Singapore. The classes available include O-Level Chinese (CL), Higher Chinese Tuition (HCL) as well as A-Level H1 Chinese Tuition.


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Guest Writers Series
: Tired of hearing from your teachers? Let seniors do the sharing! We’re happy to welcome our seniors to share blog posts on Chinese culture and various relevant themes. Feel free to comment on their posts and start interacting! #GuestWriter

想要听听学长姐们的看法和建议吗?我们有幸邀请到了两位刚毕业的学长姐来跟大家分享不同的主题,让同学们能从年轻人的视角去了解华族文化以及不同的社会生活课题。今天就点击阅读他们的博客吧!如果有任何疑问,也欢迎大家随时在博客内踊跃提出哦 😀

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Our Tutors

Looking for an experienced and qualified local Chinese tutor based in Singapore? Find out how Jocelyn and her team help students like you achieve goals through our tuition classes! It is important to find a Chinese tutor who suits your learning needs. Learn more about Jocelyn Chinese’s teaching philosophy and methodology.


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Learn more about our Chinese Tutor, Ms Jocelyn Tan and her teaching methods through the testimonials of our current and ex students! Also, Google reviews for Jocelyn Chinese can be found directly on our Google business page.

还在考虑吗?听听如苑教育补习中心的家长、在籍学生与毕业生怎么说吧! 此外,在籍学生也在谷歌为本中心留下了评语,可随时点击。

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Quality Resources

Well organized and translated materials at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre allow you to recap on key points at your own pace. Sample resources used during the enrichment sessions in Singapore are also uploaded regularly for your reference. You can also seek consultations whenever necessary from your Chinese tutor through various online platforms.


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Blog Posts

At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre, we are happy to share tips and discussions relevant to the learning climate and syllabus in Singapore. Find value-adding content that will help to broaden your perspectives on various hot topics and learn useful studying tips aimed at enriching your learning experiences!


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Challenges Faced

Do you often find it hard to express yourself clearly using the Chinese Language? Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre identifies major challenges faced by Secondary School Chinese students as well as JC Chinese students in Singapore and tackles them directly in our classes! Learn effective strategies to score well for your O level Chinese CL / Higher Chinese CL / H1 Chinese exams!


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Sign up for your Chinese tuition class in Singapore at Jocelyn Chinese tuition today through email, Facebook or Whatsapp. Applications will be processed within 2-3 working days. All students will receive a confirmation message with further details through the contact number or email address provided. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries.


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Bukit Timah Branch

Coronation Shopping Plaza
587 Bukit Timah Road, #03-36 Singapore 269707

Nearest MRT: Tan Kah Kee – Exit A

Clementi Branch

-Relocating to Bukit Timah, King’s Arcade in 2022-
Blk 320 Clementi Ave 4, #01-33 Singapore 120320

Nearest MRT: Clementi – Exit B

Conveniently located near Tan Kah Kee and Clementi MRT stations. We’re just a 5 minutes walk away!

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Call / Whatsapp us at 9775 6854

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ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT


All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). To safeguard well-being of everyone, we strongly encourage all students to remain online. Limited capacity will be allowed at the centres.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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