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At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centres, our team of experienced MOE-trained Chinese tutors based in Singapore design and review the curriculum and lesson materials of our enrichment centres on a regular basis. Rest assured that our professional and dedicated Chinese tutors will tailor our courses at Jocelyn Chinese to hone the language skills of local students and to suit their specific needs. In view of the unique education climate in Singapore, established strategies are infused into the lessons taught at our tuition centres for all Lower Secondary, Upper Seconday, and JC students.

Furthermore, our Chinese enrichment centres embrace the bilingual education model. Upon analysis of the different student profiles, our tutors will incorporate the Second Language Teaching pedagogy strategically to stretch learning potential of Secondary Chinese Language / Higher Chinese and JC H1 Chinese students in Singapore.


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Dream. Strive. Inspire. At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, we strive to ignite the spark in our youths to learn and appreciate the Chinese Language. Our mission works holistically by strengthening core language foundations, equipping all with exam-oriented thinking models while developing intrinsic motivations. 如苑教育补习中心旨在点燃梦想之火、引领未来之光。在强化并巩固语文基础之余,我们也着重锻炼应考思维模式并培养自主学习能力!
Picture of Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre students and tutor holding the resource book aimed at aiding preparation work for the O level Chinese exams

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centres offer the chance for students in Singapore to learn at a suitable level and pace, with all enrichment classes geared towards the National Examinations. The classes available at our Chinese enrichment centres include O-Level Chinese Tuition (CL), Higher Chinese Tuition (HCL), as well as A-Level H1 Chinese Tuition.


Chinese Tuition Classes:



In view of the current pandemic in Singapore, we offer both online live lessons and physical sessions at our Chinese tuition centres. Our established strategies follow Singapore’s bilingual model and are infused into our lessons for Secondary and JC students. Classes available include O-Level Chinese (CL), Higher Chinese (HCL) as well as A-Level H1 Chinese Tuition.


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Sample Chinese and Higher Chinese worksheet by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition
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Extremely understanding teacher with very helpful teaching techniques and concise notes to help tackle O Level Chinese questions...
...I have tried many types of chinese tuition and lessons before, but none of them has helped me like Ms Tan’s lessons. My chinese has improved greatly ever since...
我的老师会以最简单的方式来解释我不懂的字。再加上她也能翻译成英语,这让我更容易理解 P1 的各个部分。有时,老师也会介绍不同的方式来增广见闻...

   Learn Key Chinese Exam Strategies

Do you or your child often find it hard to express yourself clearly using the Chinese Language? Experiencing challenges within the local Chinese syllabus? Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre identifies major challenges faced by Secondary School Chinese students as well as JC Chinese students in Singapore and tackles them directly in our classes! Learn effective strategies to score well for your O level Chinese CL / Higher Chinese HCL / A level H1 Chinese exams!


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gain access to sample resources

Books published by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition to help students prepare for the O levels Chinese and Higher Chinese exams

We believe that students can pick up Chinese learning effectively through nifty sources of information. Well organized and translated materials at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centres allow students to recap on key points at their own pace. Sample resources used during the enrichment sessions in our Singapore tuition centres are also uploaded regularly for ease of reference. Students can also seek consultations from their Chinese tutors through various online platforms.


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At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre, we are happy to share tips relevant to the learning climate and syllabus in Singapore. Find value-adding content that will help to broaden perspectives on hot topics and learn useful studying tips aimed at enriching learning experiences through our blog posts! Our Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre seniors are also here to share blog posts on Chinese culture and various relevant themes in Singapore. 


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Experienced MOE Trained Chinese Tutor at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre


Looking for an experienced and qualified local Chinese tutor based in Singapore? Find out how Jocelyn and her team help students in Singapore achieve goals through the classes at our Chinese tuition centres! It is important to find a Chinese tutor that suits you or your child’s learning needs. Learn more about Jocelyn Chinese’s teaching philosophy and methodology.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

about Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore

Currently, we have two Chinese enrichment centres in Singapore, one at Coronation Shopping Plaza, and the other at King’s Arcade.

Unfortunately, we only offer Chinese tuition at Jocelyn Chinese. However, we do have other tuition centres in Singapore that offer lessons in other academic subjects.

No. There are no registration fees at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centres, and all learning materials required for our classes in Singapore are included in the stated lesson fees.

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Map of where Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centres are located in Singapore with sample notes from chinese language class

Locate Us.

Coronation Shopping Plaza Branch

587 Bukit Timah Road, #03-36 Singapore 269707
Nearest MRT: Tan Kah Kee – Exit A

King’s Arcade Branch

559 Bukit Timah Road, #03-01B Singapore 269695
Nearest MRT: Tan Kah Kee – Exit A

Conveniently located near Tan Kah Kee MRT station. We’re just a 5-10 minutes walk away!

Contact Us.

✆ Call / Whatsapp us at 9753 8261

Sign up for Chinese tuition class in Singapore at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre today through emailFacebookWhatsapp, or our online application form. Applications will be processed within 2-3 working days. All students will receive a confirmation message with further details through the contact number or email address provided.


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