2019 Preparatory Classes

Want to be a step ahead of your classmates in school? Hoping to find out what your Chinese teachers will be teaching in class next year? Join us for a free trial lesson to get a sneak peek of what to expect in your lessons in the year 2019!



By the end of the lesson, you’ll receive:

  1. Complete set of notes (Gone through during lesson)

  2. Take-home assignment for self revision

  3. Free online consultation with Jocelyn (To be arranged separately upon request)


Topics Covered:

  1. 从看图作文到情境作文:中学作文该怎么写
    17th December 2018, Monday, 10am – 12nn
    (Suitable for Sec 1 CL students)

  2. 病句改正实践:语病有哪些?该怎么改?
    16th December 2018, Sunday, 9am-11am

    (Suitable for Sec 1 HCL / IP students)

  3. 演讲词写作:如何说服观众?
    20th December 2018, Thursday, 9am – 11am
    (Suitable for Sec 3 HCL students)

  4. 口试会话技巧:该如何回答考官的提问?
    22nd December, Saturday, 4.30pm – 6.30pm

    (Suitable for Sec 4 CL students)

  5. H1写作技巧:材料作文该怎样写?
    20th December 2018, Thursday, 11am – 1pm
    (Suitable for JC 1 students)