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材料作文 新冠疫情下的新常态



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve faced drastic changes to our lives. From social distancing, to wearing of masks, to working from home and regularly applying hand sanitisers, many of us have gotten used to the new normal in society. During this period, we also have had to familiaise ourselves with new technology so as to continue with work and studies while combatting the worldwide pandemic. 

Now, many of us have acclimatised to the new lifestyle, where we meet people mostly via online platforms instead of heading outside. Jocelyn Chinese Tuition also organised an online tour during the June Holidays to facilitate learning while doing our part to reduce social interaction. The Explore SG online tour was held via the Zoom platform, where students got to learn more about River Safari and Night Safari. We then applied our knowledge and experience gained during the tour to conduct oral exam discussions.    



材料作文 新冠疫情下的负面现象


In face of this global crisis, we should actively work hand in hand to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in our society. However, there are still many who refuse to comply with national measures and thus risk the lives of others. Some refuse to wear a mask despite several warnings from our social distancing ambassadors, while some go against the rules to organise mass gatherings at their homes. These actions portray the lack of community spirit and concern for the greater good of our nation.











【中心论点】对此,我感到非常担忧。 【为什么担忧?】人民自私的心态将增加冠状病毒传播的风险、部分民众人就缺乏社会群体意识只顾及自己的利益、身为有影响力的群体仍做出了不良示范(缺乏责任意识) 【其他方面】社会中的大部分群体都积极响应政府抗疫的号召。必须发挥社会群体意识,及时制止害群之马,我们才能有效地对抗疫情。 【总结】全球性的危机不容小觑,唯有齐心协力做出改变,才能避免冠病再次肆虐。这次的经验相信也会让国人提高群体意识,让我们能更团结地面对未来的挑战。

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