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论坛 Email Writing | 环保主题 Environmental Theme

Children holding banners to advocate for environmental issues to save the earth

环保意识薄弱 Environmental Awareness


Protecting the environment has always had an important place in our society. The government actively promotes environmentally friendly policies to encourage citizens to embark on a net zero carbon lifestyle. Aside from placing recycling bins islandwide, we also introduce other methods like charging extra fees for plastic bags to gear citizens towards environmentally friendly habits. 

However, many still lack environmental awareness, let alone make efforts to reduce waste. Hence, in order to achieve our Zero Waste goal, we would need to strive harder in educating the masses. 

论坛写作 Email Writing


It is important to keep in mind that you, the writer, takes on a specific role in the email. As such, you will have to make sure that your email writing aligns with the role you’ve been assigned to. For example, a spokesperson for the project will need to advocate its benefits and not blindly agree with any criticisms.

Also, you will need to respond to all of the comments listed in the question. In order to provide detailed answers, it is recommended that you discuss each comment in a separate paragraph. 

论坛练习 Writing Practice

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