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Wondering how to turn daily experiences and knowledge into useful argumentative materials? Learn more about Chinese Argumentative Writing 议论文/论说文写作 at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition today! (O levels Chinese & Higher Chinese | A levels H1 Chinese)

Also Known As Mooncake Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival & The Classics

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival  中秋佳节,华人有哪些传统习俗呢?我们所熟悉的,大概就是吃月饼、赏月、猜灯谜等等吧?但大家知道吗?这些中秋习俗和规范,严格上来说是唐宋时期过后才开始盛行的! 华人对“中秋”的概念早在战国时期(475 BC – 221 BC)便已经被记载在一些古典文献之中。例如,早在2000多年前,于孔子及其弟子在《礼记》* 中就已经形容了人们对月亮的祭拜。经过将近1000年对月亮及中秋的无限幻想和憧憬,古代文人也孕育出不少文学作品,为中秋节以及圆圆满满的月亮增添了一些更深层的意义,其中最为显著的就是“阖家团圆”。 “Mid-Autumn Festival” is one of the most significant Chinese festivals. According to various historical records, the Chinese already developed the fundamental concept of “Mid-Autumn Festival” as early as 475 BC, during the Warring States Era. Following the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 AD – 1279 …

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Fight or Flight

Argumentative Writing 01: Fight or Flight

Argumentative Essay 议论文 – Fight or Flight? 一篇好的议论文会让读者臣服于你的观点。而从考试的角度来探讨,想在O水准及A水准的考试中写出不同凡响的议论文绝对是一门学问。那么如果想要正面挑战议论文写作,同学们应该如何做好准备呢? Argumentative Essay is a key question type in both O and A levels Chinese Language Paper 1. However, many students tend to avoid it, fearing that they might lack the techniques or evidence needed to score. What should students do? Here’s our take on how to resolve …

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Argumentative Writing using Chinese Classics

“Argumentative Writing & The Classics” Series

桥梁·议论文系列 Argumentative Writing In our upcoming posts, we will be introducing the series: “Bridging Argumentative Essays with the Classics”.  Our team will extract, translate and adapt valuable resources from Chinese Classics and Literature, which are previously inaccessible to the students due to language barriers.  Thus, we will provide bite-sized, finally comprehensible explanations, which allow you …

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农历七月中元节 Hungry Ghost Festival

Hungry Ghost Festival & The Classics

“Argumentative Writing & The Classics” Series Good day everyone! Today is our official launch of the series “Argumentative Writing & The Classics”! Please click here to understand the rationale of our series in order to gain more insights and value from reading our content! Hungry Ghost Festival For this week’s topic, we would like to bring …

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