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阅读理解 Comprehension Practice | 传统禁忌 Traditions in Today’s Society

华族文化中的禁忌 Taboos in Chinese Culture 现今社会中,我们仍旧能听到一些长辈提及华族禁忌。其中,就包括了送礼时不能送钟,新年不能穿黑衣,吃饭时不能将筷子插入碗中等等。到了农历七月份时,长辈更是会嘱咐我们不能去游泳,否则会被“水鬼”给抓走。记得以前上映的电影中都会展示不遵守禁忌的可怕后果。无论是出于恐惧还是尊重,很多人到了现在都还会避开这些禁忌。 今天,我们将以年轻一代的视角去探讨这些禁忌在现代社会中的意义。我们应该盲目地因恐惧而听从长辈的劝告吗?还是应该进一步了解禁忌背后的意义,再决定是否遵守呢?读完今天的分享后,你也能下载一份阅读理解练习,试一试自己的答题技巧。老师也在练习中附上了参考答案哦! Growing up in Singapore, we often hear our elders warn against taboos in Chinese culture, reminding us to uphold the Chinese traditions. These range from not wearing black during Chinese New Year, not swimming during the Lunar Ghost Month to not tapping people on the shoulders. These taboos were …

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Hungry Ghost Lost Articles Items

Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival 101 | 农历七月

一年一度的鬼节又来临了,是否有人和我一样每到农历七月的时候晚上都不敢出门! 相信大家每次在这个时候,都是常会听到长辈们说的一些话。他们总是会叫我们不要太晚回家、晚上的时候不要吹哨、等等。大家把这些话称为“鬼节的禁忌”。 话不多说,让我们来看看鬼节有什么禁忌吧! The annual event of the Hungry Ghost Festival is back again! Last year, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition shared how we can apply knowledge of this festival in argumentative writing. This time round, let’s take a look at what not to do during this month!  Every year during this period, I’m sure the adults …

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Dragonboat Racing 101 | 划龙舟

龙舟赛 Dragonboat Race 大家好!我们又见面了哦!端午节刚刚过,希望大家都过的愉快。希望大家还记得我上次写的端午节博客。趁大家记忆还新鲜,今日让我跟你们分享关于龙舟赛的一些资料。 Hello! We meet again! The Dragon Boat festival has just passed and I hope everyone had a great time celebrating it, especially making rice dumplings. Anyways, I hope you remember my previous blog on Dragon Boat festival.  While your memories are still fresh, I would like to share more about Dragonboat …

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Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 2020 | 端午节

Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 端午节是什么?有哪些活动?别慌!今天让我来为大家讲解什么是端午节以及端午节有哪些有趣的活动。 大家庆祝端午节时比较常见的活动想必是包粽子和龙舟竞赛吧!可你们知道吗?在“包粽子”这项活动后其实有个故事哦! What is dragon boat festival? What activities are there? Fret not! Let me share with you the origins of dragon boat festival and its activities. Making rice dumplings and dragon races are two of the more commonly seen activities but, did you know? There is actually a story behind …

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Also Known As Mooncake Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival & The Classics

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival  中秋佳节,华人有哪些传统习俗呢?我们所熟悉的,大概就是吃月饼、赏月、猜灯谜等等吧?但大家知道吗?这些中秋习俗和规范,严格上来说是唐宋时期过后才开始盛行的! 华人对“中秋”的概念早在战国时期(475 BC – 221 BC)便已经被记载在一些古典文献之中。例如,早在2000多年前,于孔子及其弟子在《礼记》* 中就已经形容了人们对月亮的祭拜。经过将近1000年对月亮及中秋的无限幻想和憧憬,古代文人也孕育出不少文学作品,为中秋节以及圆圆满满的月亮增添了一些更深层的意义,其中最为显著的就是“阖家团圆”。 “Mid-Autumn Festival” is one of the most significant Chinese festivals. According to various historical records, the Chinese already developed the fundamental concept of “Mid-Autumn Festival” as early as 475 BC, during the Warring States Era. Following the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 AD – 1279 …

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