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Worried about the Chinese Oral Exam? Not sure how you can elaborate on your points? Check out our posts today for useful tips! (O levels Chinese & Higher Chinese | A levels H1 Chinese)

Explore Singapore with Jocelyn Chinese | 探索新加坡 2021

探索新加坡:线上导览 Explore Singapore Tours 同学们的六月假期过得如何呢?疫情期间,我们都需担起社会责任,尽量避免外出,并且与他人保持安全的社交距离。待在家中的我们,想必也为如何度过假期时光而绞尽脑汁吧?为了让如苑教育的同学、家长及老师们在家中参与有意义的活动,我们在六月中与新加坡野生动物保育集团合作,在线上举办了两天的探索新加坡之旅! 其实,我们在疫情爆发之前,也都有机会参观新加坡保育野生动物集团下的动物园、夜间动物园、河川生态园等等。然而,我们在参观后,往往不会有过多反思。时间一长,参观期间所累积的知识点也会变得更为模糊。这点非常可惜!如果能好好反思,将重点用心记下,对我们的考试也十分有帮助哦! 😲 什么?参观动物园的经验与考试相关? 没错!我们在生活中的经验其实与口试息息相关。即便是轻松地参观动物园,我们也能顺道为考试做准备。 这次的导览活动中,我们事先和导览员进行讨论,融合了如苑教育采用的双语模式,让同学们能掌握各种与保育主题相关的关键词。在新加坡野生动物保育集团的配合下,我们得以与夜间动物园和河川生态园的饲养员和导览员交流,进一步了解野生动物的生态环境及新加坡采取的保育措施。 导览结束后,我也带领同学进行口试会话讨论,引导大家将导览的经验运用到口试主题练习当中。有了亲身体验,同学们对于保护生态环境的意识提高不少。同学们在讨论期间,积极地分享了他们的感想,甚至挖掘了自己对于环保的兴趣。 “参与了导览后再进行口试练习,华文似乎也不再那么枯燥了!” —— 如苑教育中二生,思敏 想要参与这类有趣的活动吗?即刻报名如苑教育中心的课程吧!导览活动将只对如苑教育的学生及家人开放。快加入如苑教育的大家庭吧!😄 Explore SG with Jocelyn Chinese: Online Tours 2021 How are you spending the June holidays? This year, to do our part in combatting the pandemic, we’ve mostly been staying at home. Many of us might miss travelling overseas and also exploring …

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Master Chinese Oral Exam Techniques 口试技巧

The National Chinese Oral Examinations are drawing near! Do you feel ill-prepared or nervous about sitting for the exam? Jocelyn will be sharing some tips to help boost your confidence in tackling the examiners’ questions! 


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With the ease of nation-wide heightened measures, all lessons will resume hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons).  To safeguard well-being of everyone, we strongly encourage all students to remain online. Limited capacity will be allowed at the centres.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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