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The Chinese National Exam period is drawing near. Read our posts or join our classes to find out how you can ace the exams! (O levels Chinese & Higher Chinese | A levels H1 Chinese)

Exam Tips Ready for Exams

5 Tips to Get Ready for Exams! | 备考妙计

如何应付考试压力 5 simple steps to get you ready for exams! 考试即将来临,你准备好了吗?  The national examinations and the end-of-year examinations are drawing near, are you ready?  即将毕业的学生,你们将要应付的是你们一生中,最重要的考试。其他同学,你们将要应付的是年终考试。 I believe that for most of you students out there, the end-of-year examinations is the most important examination of the entire year for you, whereas for the graduating cohort, national …

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ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT
All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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