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Looking for an effectively bilingual Chinese tutor?

Hoping that he / she is familiar with the Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus?

You’re at the right place.

Jocelyn is an experienced MOE-trained Chinese tutor. On top of that, she has been a freelance translator since university. Hence, you can count on her to scaffold your learning effectively and equip you with the important skills and knowledge you need to excel in your examinations.

Furthermore, our tutors are familiar with the learning environment of Singapore. Thus, they fully understand the struggles of learning the Chinese Language.

As a multicultural society, Singapore is considered to be an English-speaking environment. In fact, we hardly use the Chinese Language in our daily lives. Naturally, many students find it difficult to grasp the Chinese Language. As such, we want to find a Chinese tutor who can share useful tips that will help us ace the exams but also charges reasonable rates.

So how can Jocelyn Chinese help?

Jocelyn and her team in Singapore are constantly developing resources to help students prepare for the National Examinations. Driven and passionate about Chinese Language, our tutors will hone your potential through engaging discussions and practices. Jocelyn makes sure that her team is familiar with the latest syllabus so that the Chinese tuition classes are effective in solidifying the students’ knowledge.

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If you’re taking the O level Chinese, Higher Chinese and A level Chinese H1 examinations, join us at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition today! Here at Jocelyn Chinese tuition, you will guided by an experienced Chinese teacher in Singapore!

(Our exam-oriented lessons develop writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.)

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About Ms Jocelyn Tan

Experienced MOE Trained Chinese Tutor at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre
Experienced MOE Trained Chinese Tutor at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre


Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language (Honours) with Minor in Translation

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Chinese) 
National Institute of Education (NIE)

Experienced ‘O’ Level Examination Marker

MOE-Trained Chinese Language Teacher

MOE Teaching Award Holder

Extensive Teaching Experience in School and Private Education

Experienced Oral Package & Examination Coordinator

School Wide Reading Programme Teacher-in-Charge

Translation Research Assistant
Speaking Habits of Singaporeans

Freelance Translation
Commercial & Professional Services

Jocelyn - Bilingual Local Chinese tutor
Teaching & Translation

Join us at Jocelyn Chinese tuition and be guided by an experienced Chinese tutor!

(Our exam oriented lessons develop writing, speaking, reading and listening skills.)