5 Simple Gestures: Express Love to Family | 表达对家人的关爱

Express Love to Family



Let’s talk about something meaningful today. Firstly, what is family to you? 


To me, family resembles a tree. It protects us from all sorts of problems and are often the ones whom we can come back to when we feel down, or are in need of a favour. Showing your love to family and loved ones doesn’t mean purchasing expensive gifts. In fact, you do not even need to spend money. 

Here are 5 small, yet simple gestures for you to try now! 

#1 问好 Greetings

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在这里,我有一个问题想问问大家。早上起床时,你会对父母微笑问好吗?我猜… …没有吧?其实,你知道吗,身为儿女的我们,在早晨对父母微笑问好是最基本的礼仪。这不仅仅代表着对父母的尊重,还能让他们的一天充满着温暖。

Here, I have a question for everyone. Do you smile and say “Good Morning” to your parents every morning? Let me guess, the answer is … … no? 

Did you know? Smiling and greeting your parents in the morning is a simple formality that we should all follow. It not only shows your respect towards them, but also brightens up their day! 


Well? What are you waiting for? If you haven’t greeted your parents today, do it now!
Better late than never. 😉

#2 早餐 Breakfast

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)


Imagine you waking up in the future to your children preparing breakfast for you. How would you feel? Blissful, I believe so. Waking up early to prepare breakfast isn’t the hardest thing to do. Besides, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


To you, this may be meaningless, or even troublesome. But I must tell you, whatever you do, no matter how big or small, your parents notice it. One simple meal like this gives them energy throughout the day and even lets them feel touched that their child has grown up and matured.


Of course, this is not limited to breakfast. You may choose to make lunch, dinner or even desserts for your parents. Making a meal is a great way to express your love to family members!

#3 家务 Chores

Household Chores with Family


I know that to you, doing chores may be a tiresome and tough task. However, compared to your parents bringing you up, I’m pretty sure a few chores aren’t that difficult. 


Our parents are often working to raise the family. Each and every of them work very hard and it’s not easy to bring food to the table. Little things like doing chores can help with their burden, making it easier for them.

Not only will it help your parents, but they will also feel contented and happy. 

#4 周末出行 Weekend Trip

Love to Family (Outing)


You probably don’t go out with your parents all that much on weekends. However, weekends are meant for you to relax, go out with your parents, take a breather. Basically, do something meaningful with your family. 


You may feel that going out on a weekend is not showing love to your parents, or that it’s just a simple routine. Well, let me tell you how you can express your love to them while outside. When you are out with your parents, take into account every little detail, such as what they like to eat or what they like to buy. Then, on your next weekend, while ordering food for lunch, you can order for them and tell them it’s what they like!

Going out on a weekend isn’t just having fun and having a meal together. It is also about accompanying your parents.

# 手写卡片 Thank You Card

Thank you my Family


 Sounds very old school right? Actually, I believe that as long as you put your heart to it and it is sincere, nothing is too old school. With the modern living standards being so high, and us moving at such a fast pace, we often forget to slow down and say thank you to the ones around us. 


Take a bit of time now, write a few lines for your parents and show your love to family. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it has to be sincere. From when you could first open your eyes, your parents were already beside you. I believe that no one is able to be a better person in your life than your own parents. 

If you have no idea on how to create a card or need some inspirations, I’ll leave a video below that you can watch! Of course, you can use your originality. 




Cherish your loved ones, and don’t forget to take time off to accompany them and thank them. Remember to show your love to family members and let them know you care!

I hope you are able to thank your parents today!
See you next time 😀 

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