March Holidays

O Level Chinese Revision Course (March Holidays)

O Levels Chinese (June Paper) is drawing near! This March holidays, Jocelyn Chinese will be launching 2 revision courses to help you prepare for the exams! There are many techniques taught in school, but we often find ourselves lost when attempting the questions on our own. Here at Jocelyn Chinese, we will guide you along in applying different writing techniques for narrative essays (paper 1) and familiarizing the answering format for comprehension (paper 2). 

Our revision courses aim to highlight the key points and essential skills needed to approach O Level Chinese Paper 1 (Narrative Essays) and Paper 2 (Comprehension). We will provide materials aligned with the standards at O Levels and guide students in analyzing and answering the questions. At the end of the courses, all students will receive our summary notes and practice questions. 

 Join us this March Holidays to gear up for O Levels! 

Narrative Essay Writing

O level Chinese March Holidays

18th March 2019 (Monday)
1.30pm – 3.30pm

Narrative Writing Techniques: 
拟定主题与重点内容, 开头总结法,人物描写手法,比喻拟人修辞手法

You might remember the techniques taught in school. But HOW do we apply them?Find out how we can effectively use the writing techniques in our essays!


Comprehension Skills

O level Chinese March Holidays

21st March 2019 (Thursday)
1pm – 3pm

Comprehension Question Types: 

You might have attempted many comprehensions for revision. But do you know HOW to answer different types of questions? Learn the various answering formats and techniques through our revision course!



Duration: 2 Hours per course

Price: $70 per course

Package Price: $120 for both


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ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT
All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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