Mother’s Day 2022 | 母亲节 2022


Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing fine. Mother’s Day 2022 is coming soon, are you prepared for it? I believe I need not explain much about this special occasion. It has an amazingly kind meaning to it. In other words, our mothers see to all our needs, and worry about us throughout their lives. As children, it’s only right for us to return the love and show appreciation for our upbringing. During almost every festivity, our parents are the ones who prepare the needed items. For a change, it’s our turn to let them enjoy their own occasion! I won’t be giving any tips and tricks, or ideas today though. It’s just going to be a simple sharing blog to thank all Mothers in the world!

Story Time | 故事时间

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Mother's Day)


Many of you probably remember the things that our mothers have done for us. For instance, when we were young, whenever we fell sick, wet our pants, spilled food and drinks, our mothers were always the ones to help us clean up. No matter how dirty, smelly, disgusting or hard it was, they’d do it without complaining. For me, I remember falling sick all the time when I was young, to the point where it was almost every other week. There was once, I had a high fever for a few days, which caused me not to sleep well. However, no matter how hard being sick was, it seemed small in front of how much more tough it was for my mother. She had to wake up and check my fever at midnight, and to feed me medicine. As a young child, I thought it was normal as she’s my mother, but looking back now, it’s quite harsh on her. I’m sure many of you are having the same thoughts right now!


To me, growing up doesn’t mean to earn money and have a family, but to repay our parents for our upbringing. As a child, we definitely gave our mothers loads of trouble, so once we’ve grown up, let us help them relieve some burden. Placing aside the fact that they are our mothers, they are humans like us. Since we’re all humans, it’s unfair of us to let them do all the hard work, and enjoy ourselves. Hence, may I urge you all, to give your mothers a good break during this day, and not disturb them! Of course, it doesn’t mean that because it’s not Mother’s Day, you don’t need to help them out. Instead, if you could just simply provide support in household chores and matters, it would help lighten their load significantly too.

Three Important Words | 三个很重要的字

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Mother's Day)

说一句“我爱你”不是一件很难的事,但很可惜,在这匆忙的时代,它却成为了有些人一辈子都说不出口的话。在这里,请大家想想,你上一次对母亲说“我爱你”是什么时候呢?有些人可能很自豪地说:“昨天!”,可也有一部分的人应该会惭愧地说道:“不记得了”。 如果你是后者,不必自责,因为这应该是大部分人的回答。身为新加坡人,我们习惯性地通过动作表现“爱”,而极少人会通过口头表现自己对别人的爱。我知道这在日常生活中说出“我爱你”可能会造成一个尴尬的场面,可我还是想劝劝大家。趁这个母亲节,对母亲说一句“我爱你”(也记得对父亲说哦!)。我认识好几位朋友,年幼时就失去母亲,有些甚至没见过自己的亲生母亲。他们根本没有机会向自己的母亲说一句“我爱你”。因此,大家要珍惜与母亲的时光,毕竟岁月不饶人!

“I love you” actually isn’t hard to say at all to our family, but it’s a pity that in this busy era, it has become something that some people might never say in their lives. Here’s a simple question, when was the last time you told your mother “I love you”? Some of you may answer proudly “Yesterday!”, while some may be ashamed and answer “I can’t remember”. If you are one of the latter, don’t worry. It’s probably the majority of us. As Singaporeans, we’re used to showing our love through action, whilst very few of us do it through words. Personally, I know how awkward it is to say these words in our daily lives. However, I would still encourage you guys to use this Mother’s Day to say these three words (Do remember to say it to your father too!). I know of friends who have lost their mothers since young, or might not even know their biological mothers, which means even if they wanted to, they don’t get the chance to say it anymore. Hence, cherish your time with them, as time and tide waits for no man!

特别致谢:教师 | Special Thanks to Teachers

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Mother's Day)


Do you know? We actually have one more mother, one whom we forget about frequently. To be accurate, they aren’t our biological, real, parents, but the effort that they put in are akin to our parents. These are the female teachers in school. Not sure if you guys realised, many female teachers actually emit this motherly feeling. We always say “school is our second home”, so naturally, we have a “second mother”. These teachers worry for our school work, and even our personal well-being. They are like “mothers” who teach us knowledge and morals. As such, special thanks to all female teachers who treat us like your own children!



Before ending, I just have a few simple things to talk about. Please remember that no matter how angry your mother has been in the past, or how much she has scolded you, it’s all for the best. If you think that she doesn’t understand, request to sit down and have a chat! Communication is key! After understanding you, she will take a step back and let you do what you want to do. Don’t take it for granted though, and you need to take a few steps back, understand and forgive her as well. Never vent your anger on her! At the end of the day, you’re your mother’s biological child, and no mother would ever wish to hurt their child. With that, here comes the end of the blog. I’ve left a small little note for all mothers below. Hence, if you’re a mother, take a read. If you’re a student, let your mom take a look! Till next time, bye!

A Little Note | 给妈妈的小编条



To all mothers in the world:

Thank you for all the effort and hard work you put in to bring us up. Your love is like the wings of an angel, encompassing us within.

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