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Online Chinese Tuition.

Given today’s education landscape, remote learning has become more critical than ever before. As such, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre has ramped up our digital efforts by offering live online Chinese classes to all our Secondary and Junior College students in Singapore.

Underpinned by our fundamental vision of ‘Dream. Strive. Inspire’, we are continually evolving to address learning gaps – staying on top of the education system. With established strategies infused into our Mandarin lessons, students enrolled in our online Chinese tuition sit through coherent, broad and integrated classes aimed at igniting scholarly enthusiasm.

Benefits of Online Chinese Tuition

New to the idea of online tuition classes in Singapore? 

Online tuition is simply a form of teaching that takes place over the internet, using video conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom. 

If you are looking for Chinese tuition, there are many advantages to attending classes online. Whether you’re looking for help with exam preparation or just wanting to brush up on this subject, online Chinese tuition at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre is definitely worth considering.

Learn at Your Own Pace

For starters, online tuition allows you to progress at your own pace and in your own time, making it easier to fit study or revision into your schedule. It is for this reason that more and more students are opting to take their tuition online in recent years, drawn by the flexibility and convenience that it offers. Online Chinese tuition can also be an option for busy students who may not be able to commit to face-to-face classes.

Study Effectively

While some students prefer a more traditional, face-to-face approach, others thrive in an independent, self-paced environment. Online tuition will allow you to learn in a more relaxed setting at home, where you can take your time to process information, think about your answers and participate. If you are attending Chinese tuition online in Singapore, rest assured that you can get immediate feedback from your tutors and receive individualised attention during the class.

Get Access to Resources Online

Additionally, you will have access to a range of quality learning resources and professional support from your tutor, making it easier to revise Mandarin and stay on track with your studies. Overall, online tuition can provide you with the confidence you need to make significant progress and do well in the Chinese language examinations.

An Integrated Learning Environment

Our Online Chinese Tuition Approach

Building Intrinsic Motivation to Learn

At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre, we believe in nurturing the joy of learning. Be it online or physical sessions, our students’ learning go beyond mere theories. Integrating relevant content from Chinese Classics, Literature and current affairs into our lesson discussions allows students to think critically and apply learning to real-world contexts.

Thinking Independently and Critically

Our team of experienced and MOE-trained Chinese tutors in Singapore employ a blend of formula-like thinking models, exam strategies and bite-sized assessments to maximise the learning potential of our students. In an environment where more students are growing up in English-speaking households, we take a bilingual approach in our online Chinese tuition lessons – with English serving as a medium to bridge understanding.

Empowering Students with Individualised Learning

Beyond that, we also have thousands of learning materials available and accessible to our students. Materials utilised during the Chinese tuition classes are uploaded systematically onto our online resource centre, enabling self-paced learning while eliminating the time pressure that exists during live lessons.

If you’re looking to complement virtual lessons with your offline learning experiences, join us at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Chinese Tuition​

You can find online tuition classes available for O-level, Integrated Programme (IP) lower and upper secondary school Chinese as well as Higher Chinese, and A-level H1 Chinese. You can check out our schedule for more information on the timings.     

Our tuition centres are conveniently located at Coronation Shopping Plaza and King’s Arcade in Singapore. Should you have any further questions about online Chinese tuition, you can take a look at our FAQ page or get in touch with us for more information.

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