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5 simple steps to get you ready for exams!

Exam Tips Ready for Exams


 The national examinations and the end-of-year examinations are drawing near, are you ready?


I believe that for most of you students out there, the end-of-year examinations is the most important examination of the entire year for you, whereas for the graduating cohort, national examination is the most important exam of your life.

 不过别怕,有我在呢! 让我来为大家分享一些考试经验以及如何应付考试。

In a flash, we’re nearing the end of the year, and you are nearing your examinations. I’m sure this brings about lots of stress. Not to worry though. I’m here to share my experience!

Hope this helps you in the preparation of exams and tackling of stress!  

Step 1: Be informed of the topics tested

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre


I remember back in secondary school, whenever I receive the topics tested for the exams, I would take a quick glance and throw it aside. However, it’s the wrong move!

这是我在准备考O水准时学到的一个方法。你们知道吗?其实,你们可以上 SEAB 的网站查询各个科目所会出的范围

I came to know of this method while preparing for my O’levels. Did you know that you can actually visit the SEAB website to read about your respective syllabuses for your examinations?

Doing this will allow you to understand what is expected of you when you take the exams and not just go in with no understanding of what is going to be tested. I will leave the link to the website below! Of course, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition’s materials also helped me focus on the key skills and concepts instead of simply going through textbooks. Do remember to read the Chinese tuition materials thoroughly before exam!


GCE O’level : https://www.seab.gov.sg/home/examinations/gce-o-level

GCE A’level : https://www.seab.gov.sg/home/examinations/gce-o-level

Step 2 : Alternate between different subjects

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)

After understanding the topics that will be tested, you can now start studying.

While it is good to be focused, it is good to have a change between subjects like english and mathematics.

For instance, instead of practicing mathematics for 3hours straight and continuing on with chemistry for another 2hours, try changing the subject after mathematics to something like mother tongue, or english. This will allow different parts of your brain to rest.


Do not rely on memory. Stress in an exam may cause you to be unable to recall certain key points that you have memorised. Instead, take your time to understand what you are learning. Use simple technics like creating acronyms to remember key points! That way, you’ll feel ready for exams!


Step 3: Create notes using diagrams

Exam Tips Concept Maps

After you study the textbook, you would most likely want to write notes. In my experience, writing notes seemed more like copying the textbook word for word until Jocelyn Chinese Tuition exposed me to this method before my O’levels.

By drawing a flow chart or a diagram of some sort, you are able to link different parts of the subject together. Remember, a textbook is sort of like a big flow chart. Every new chapter you reach links back somehow to a chapter that you’ve studied before. In my opinion, this was especially useful for Chinese Oral (or Higher Chinese Oral for others). I was able to compile different materials and organise my thoughts into the different themes highlighted at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition.


Of course, this method is not limited to flow charts only. You can choose to use different pictures to help you remember certain important points. When you want to get ready for exams, simply go through the visual notes for quick revision.


Step 4: Daily Recaps & Revision

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)

Now that you have done your studying for the day, look back at what you have done for the day.

Recap on the important points of your various subjects. Simply writing notes and not looking back at it may not necessarily mean you have absorbed what you have written. After each school day and also each Chinese tuition lesson, I would think back about the key concepts or skills learnt and jote them down.


Recapping is key.

This is one of the more important steps after studying. It allows you to ensure that you are able to answer any type of questions regarding the chapter that you have just studied.

Step 5: The most important step. Resting.

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)

I know, I know.

Some of you are thinking, shouldn’t I be studying? Burning the midnight oil? Exams are more important!

Yes, you may be right, exams are important. But, we are humans, not machines. Even machines have to charge.


Studies have shown that people who do get sufficient amounts of sleep per day are more effective in completing tasks compared to people who are sleep deprived.

Make sure that you have your eight hours of sleep every night, and drink plenty of water to prevent yourself from falling sick. Stay healthy and feel ready for exams!


But I’m still stressed! What do I do?

It is inevitable that you will face some stress during the examination period. Instead of taking that stress negatively, use it in a positive way. Use this stress to charge forward and aim high. Motivate yourself!


When you feel overwhelmed by stress, don’t be afraid to relax. Take some time off, eat your favourite food, engage in your hobby. These can help you to take some load off and even improve your efficiency.


All the best! 加油!

Exam Tips All the Best

Here, I wish all of you all the best. I believe that you are able to do your best and score well! Have faith that you’re ready for exams. Believe in yourself! There’s a saying that goes “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. Do your best!

The product doesn’t matter, it is the process in which you learn something that does.

Good luck and till next time!



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