Smoking and Its Impacts | 吸烟带来的影响

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大家好,别来无恙啊!最近,《亚洲新闻台》在《Talking Point》上提到了一个有趣的话题,就是:我们应该在组屋内禁止吸烟吗?相信大家对吸烟都略知一二,知道它对我们的健康百害而无一益。尽管如此,还是有许多人选择吸烟。那为什么吸烟对我们的健康不好呢?它又有什么负面影响?我们今天就来讨论其中的影响吧!

Hey everyone, how are you? Recently, Channel News Asia (CNA) Talking Point series released an interesting discussion topic, “Should we ban Smoking in Homes?”. I believe all of us are aware that smoking brings harm to our bodies. Despite this, people in Singapore still choose to smoke. Now, why is smoking harmful to our bodies? Let’s take a deeper look at this topic today!

Before you go off reading, if you’d like to take a look at the video by CNA, click on the link below! 

吸烟有什么负面影响呢?| What are the Negative Impacts of Smoking?


If you haven’t watched the video, fret not! Let me help you conclude some of the facts that were pointed out in the video  and share relevant facts to help everyone better understand the impacts of smoking!

负面影响#1:对自身的危害 | Bringing Harm to Oneself

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Current Affairs)

I’m sure many of you have seen cigarette boxes. If you’ve noticed, there are pictures of the physical harm smoking brings to people, warning smokers to steer clear of this harmful product. The tobacco inside the cigarette contains a well-known chemical compound, Nicotine. What nicotine has been known to do is cause addiction. When people breathe in nicotine, the level of Dopamine rises, allowing one to “feel good” in that brief moment. In addition, the body releases Adrenaline, giving the person an adrenaline rush which also makes the person “feel good”. 

However, long-term exposure to such chemical substances brings harm to the body. Smaller impacts include sped-up aging of skin and teeth discolouration. Following, it could lead to bigger issues which include: cancer, lung problems, heart problems, strokes, cataracts, loss of smell of taste etc. It can even cause miscarriage for pregnant ladies. These are all due to long-term exposure of these chemicals. In fact, there are even reports which show that 90% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.



负面影响#2:对他人的危害 | Bringing Harm to Others

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Current Affairs)

这点《亚洲新闻台》在《Talking Point》谈得比较深入。其重点是在于吸烟者所吐出的烟雾,即二手烟,对周围的人有什么影响。视频中采访了一位有着幼女的父亲,黄先生。他遇到的问题是邻居在阳台吸烟,导致二手烟进入他的家里。即便是一丁点,一旦二手烟进入屋子里,整个屋内便都是烟味。这导致黄先生的家里无法开窗,甚至还需要用橡胶密封把缝隙封起来。即使如此,这也抵挡不住二手烟的危害。



This was the main topic discussed in CNA’s Talking Point. In the video, an interviewee, Mr Ng, who has a young daughter, complains of a neighbour who smokes on the balcony. The second-hand smoke then enters his house. No matter the amount, it fills the house and makes it hard to breathe. As a result, Mr Ng had to shut his windows, and used rubber seals to seal up the cracks and holes. Even so, it was unable to stop the harm of second-hand smoke.

What exactly is second-hand smoke? According to CNA, about 85% to 90% of the smoke released from a burning cigarette remains in the air, and when mixed along with what the smoker breathes out, it is what we call second-hand smoke. A point to note would be that second-hand smoke actually contains more than 250 cancer causing chemical substances!

Some of you might then wonder, “Mr Ng wasn’t the one smoking, so why would it be harmful to his family?” Well, this way of thinking isn’t entirely correct. In fact, the harm that second-hand smoke brings about isn’t any better than the harm brought to the smoker. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year there are millions of non-smokers who die due to second-hand smoke. In the video, it was also mentioned that even just 10 to 20 minutes of breathing in second-hand smoke could cause long-term health issues. People who breathe in second-hand smoke also face the same potential health issues as a smoker, such as cancer or lung diseases. Hence, if you’re outside, try to avoid second-hand smoke! However, if you face it indoors like Mr Ng, try your best to close your windows, and open them when the wind direction changes to ventilate your house!

负面影响#3:对环境的危害 | Bringing Harm to Environment

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Current Affairs)




We are all aware of how smoking is harmful to our body. Not only so, smoking also brings about negative impacts to the environment.

Firstly, the second-hand smoke given off by smokers will heavily pollute the air. Second-hand smoke consists of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and as we all know, carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of global warming. Being one of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide raises the temperature on earth. As the number of smokers increases, the emission of carbon dioxide will also increase. As a result, these greenhouse gases will lead to the greenhouse effect, increasing the earth’s temperature, and therefore causing global warming. This brings us many problems, such as rising sea levels and extreme temperatures. However, such problems will not only affect the environment, but us humans as well.

Additionally, cigarette butts will also pollute the environment. To most smokers, throwing cigarette butts away after smoking is normal, especially in places like the streets, parks and areas around rubbish bins. However, contrary to popular beliefs, cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable waste which cannot be broken down by natural organisms. They are often dumped into places like the drains and sea, causing animals like birds and marine life to feed on them. This can potentially block their respiratory system, leading to death. These are the exact same cigarette buds that people throw away moments after enjoying their “smoke”.



After reading the above, I believe many of you have a better understanding of the impacts of smoking. What I wish to convey is that though you may not have reached the legal age for smoking, please never try it out in the future. I hope that you can be responsible for your own health, others’ health, as well as the environment! I believe nobody would want anything to happen to themselves or their family, as a result of such habits. Hence, if there’s anyone around you that smokes, I encourage you to try and talk them out of it! With that, I shall end the blog here, have a good day! Bye~ 

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