Upper Secondary Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition

O-Level and Integrated Programme Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Need a bit of assistance to score your O-level and Integrated Programme (IP) Chinese paper?

Look no further than Jocelyn Chinese Tuition for interactive, effective and helpful Chinese Tuition / Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Mastering a language has never been more rewarding and enriching. When it comes to tackling the final paper of your secondary school education, sometimes a helping hand will provide you with effective tips and strategies to score, as well as important life lessons that will help you in your pursuit of success.

Upper Sec Chinese Tuition

Higher Chinese Tuition (HCL) / Chinese Tuition Available for Secondary School Students 高年级课程

Here at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition where our focus is on providing effective IP and O-level Chinese tuition to all, we go above and beyond to boost our students’ confidence in the language. We will offer you the key tips and training you need to score in the national examinations in Singapore.

More about the Upper Secondary Chinese Tuition Classes…

The Upper Secondary Chinese tuition classes build on the fundamentals and equip all students with critical thinking skills.

Both Higher Chinese Tuition (HCL) and Chinese Tuition (CL) classes are available for students in Singapore.

Many students often find difficulty in expressing their thoughts fluently in Chinese, despite knowing the basic techniques taught in school. This is where our IP and O-level Chinese tuition / Higher Chinese Tuition comes in. Jocelyn trains students to think critically and elaborate on their answers. English translations are also provided on the materials to help bridge the content and enhance understanding. 

We will thus ensure that our students are adequately equipped for their upcoming national examinations in Singapore.

More often than not, students are able to provide answers in English but not Chinese. Due to the lack of practice, many find it hard to translate their thoughts during the examinations. Here at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, we will expose you to different themes and highlight useful keywords that can be used to express your thoughts. You will learn effective ways to translate your thoughts and real-life experience into answers, and elaborate on them to achieve better results.

Our dedicated team will also design and provide relevant revision materials for students to conduct self-directed learning at home. These revision materials will target major exam themes and question types, hence allowing students to familiarise themselves with key examineable components. Under our professional guidance, you can learn how to analyse the different questions and answer to the point during exams. Consistent effort is key to improving language skills. And our tutors will be here to give all students the push they need. 

When the examinations draw near, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition will also provide materials to aid in your revision. In the past, we have released oral revision packages, examination key skills packages and 30day challenges to help our students. If you need dedicated guidance, join us at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition!

Classes available for:

Secondary 3-4 Students

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ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT
All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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