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Overcome Challenges within the Local Syllabus​.

In Singapore, the Chinese Language syllabus is unique. When materials provided in school are not sufficient, you might look elsewhere for more information, even online. However, when looking at other Chinese Language materials online, you might discover that these online and alternate Chinese resources are generally not relevant to Singapore’s exam requirements. 

While some online sample essays or questions might seemingly demonstrate higher language standards, simply regurgitating these content in exam might cause you to be penalized. Hence, it is important to master key exam strategies through local Chinese tuition.

Acquisition of Grammar and Linguistic Structures.

In Singapore, schools usually do not place emphasis on the complexities of Chinese grammar and linguistic rules. Generally, many use a rather intuitive approach to teach and learn Chinese grammar. As a result, students lack a systematic structure to acquire Chinese language. Thus, you’ll notice that many students often integrate English grammatical format into their Chinese sentences. 

As a result, many Higher Chinese students face problems in 病句改正. More often than not, they’re unable to correct the errors. In order to do well in this segment, they need to be familiar with the Chinese Linguistic structures. And here, we provide essential training and practice questions in our local Chinese tuition classes. Students can definitely benefit and gain more confidence in this component and other crucial areas.


Students often integrate English grammatical format into Chinese sentences.


You'll need to change the sentence structure such that it follows the rules of the Chinese grammar.
Join us and learn how!

"记忆像一张渔网,捕捉了生活中大大小小的事物, 随着时间流逝被逐渐淡忘,但有一件事我仍记忆犹新。"

Commonly memorized phrases that are overused


Instead, describe your emotions using different writing techniques!
Join us and learn how!

Avoid Regurgitation of Phrases.

Contrary to what many believe, essay writing is not simply a test of students’ language proficiency and usage of flowery phrases. We do not encourage extensive use of memorized key phrases (好词好句). Simply regurgitating phrases will in fact affect the general flow of your essay.

At the National exams, you will be marked stringently on how accurately you analyse the questions and structure answers according to the assigned theme. Yet, many of such important weighted attributes are not always clearly explained in schools. Hence, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition equips you with effective strategies and Thinking Models. You will thus be able to meet the stringent exam requirements, eliminating the need to rely on tedious memory work to perform optimally. 

Local Chinese Tuition

Finding a Suitable Chinese Tutor .

Our team at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition strongly believes that all tutors of Secondary Schools & JC Chinese Language should not only be experienced and bilingual, but also able to build rapport and communicate effectively with students in directed tutoring. Hence, students can be encouraged to learn, and will be curious in what the language has to offer in the current syllabus.

Finding the best Chinese tutors who can converse fluently in both Mandarin and English, and also familiar with the local syllabus is not an easy task. However, here at Jocelyn, our team of professionals are well-versed and professional in Language Bilingualism, with proven integrated strategies from universities and professional language programs. To help students achieve Additive Bilingualism, Jocelyn Chinese’s tutors leverage on their First Language strengths. Certified and MOE-trained, they too design quality materials geared towards aims and objectives of the National Examinations.

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Master key exam strategies

Achieve your learning goals.

At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, we ensure the quality of our lessons and materials. Our team of MOE-trained tutors designs quality materials that gear towards the National Examinations. Our local Chinese tuition trains you to uncover your potential in mastering the Chinese Language. Be sure to gain confidence in your language competency through our lessons which focus on effective techniques and strategies. Join us if you would like to learn how to be exam smart!

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