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A-Level Chinese Tuition Singapore

One of the subjects junior college students struggle with the most is H1 Chinese Language, a subject similar to Higher Chinese Language (HCL) in secondary school. It incorporates higher-level thinking whilst developing in students a deeper understanding of the language.

Jocelyn Chinese is here to provide A-Level Chinese tuition in Singapore if you need a helping hand to get through your junior college education. Geared towards equipping students with the necessary background knowledge as well as key tips and tricks to help them excel, Jocelyn Chinese’s H1 Chinese tuition for A-level students will take their grades to greater heights.

Whether it is reading, writing, or speaking the language fluently and listening, our H1 Chinese tuition guarantees to prepare students fully for the A-level exams in Singapore.

About our A-Level Chinese Tuition In Singapore…

The H1 Chinese tuition (Chinese Language) classes cater to the needs of JC Chinese language students who are looking to hone their writing and oral skills for the A-level Chinese exam in Singapore. (H1 Chinese syllabus)

Despite knowing all the techniques to write and speak sufficiently well in the Chinese Language, some students still find themselves struggling with the Chinese language in junior college. The A-level Chinese examination challenges students at a different level compared to when they were in secondary school. Hence, it is important to grasp the essential skills to see improvement in your results in less than a year.

At our Chinese tuition centre, we understand the struggles local JC students face and seek to provide effective solutions. As such, our local Chinese tutors have tailored their Chinese tuition lessons to cater to the needs of individual students that sign up for our A-level Chinese tuition in Singapore. We take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student before planning our lessons according to their learning styles. Designing a curriculum in such a way allows our students to learn at their own pace and improve their grades. When their grades improve, students become more confident in the Chinese language, allowing them to ace their A-level Chinese examinations.

Besides improving their grasp of the language, our A-level Chinese tuition in Singapore exposes students to a wide range of current affairs, training them to think about issues from different perspectives. Acquiring this set of critical thinking skills will not only be useful for the Chinese Language subject, but also for their General Paper as well.

Our A-level Chinese tuition will equip students in Singapore with all the skills and knowledge they need to master the language. Sign up for A-level Chinese tuition with us today!

Suitable for: JC Chinese Language Students (H1 Chinese Syllabus)

Frequently Asked Questions

about Our junior college Chinese Tuition

All our classes, including our Chinese tuition for junior college students, adopt a second language teaching pedagogy for effective bilingualism, with curated lessons that directly tackle all the common challenges faced by our students at school. Students at the junior college level are exposed to higher order thinking questions and question analysis techniques to help them tackle the national exams with ease.

You can check out snippets of the learning resources we use in our H1 Chinese tuition classes. The lesson materials have clear learning goals and structure, which allows for greater ease of revision. All students are also encouraged to seek consultations with their tutors to clarify any doubts. 

No. There are no registration fees at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centres, and all key learning materials required for our classes in Singapore are included in the stated lesson fees.

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