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I personally feel that Teacher Jocelyn is a very dedicated teacher. Each lesson is creatively crafted to cater to the needs of different students. Other than being enjoyable, her lessons are extremely fruitful. In the short span of a month, I have been exposed to different topics and received a lpt of helpful notes to summarise my learning. Additonally, all of her lesson materials be it online or hardcopy include effective techniques on exactly how to do well in every component of Chinese examination. As her student, I am grateful to have such a teacher. She is patient and gives her students a comfortable and condusive environment to learn. I look forward to her lessons and I am sure that under her guidance, every student will be able to achieve more than they believe they actually could.
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Abella Ang
O Level HCL, Crescent Girls' School
Although I have not been with Ms Tan for very long, she has helped me improve my chinese by leaps and bounds. I used to be afraid of chinese since I was in primary school and my results were very low because I couldn’t speak fluently and write well. And because my school places so much emphasis on Chinese, I was struggling even more. But Ms Tan has helped me to become much more comfortable with speaking and writing in chinese and I am now able to keep up with Chinese lessons in school much more. I have tried many types of chinese tuition and lessons before, but none of them has helped me like Ms Tan’s lessons. My chinese has improved greatly ever since I started attending Ms Tan’s lessons and I feel that I have become much more comfortable with chinese with Ms Tan’s lessons.
Larisse Kok
O Level HCL, River Valley High
Ms Tan's teaching made me more interested in Chinese. She is very encouraging and even though some of us struggle to communicate effectively, she is very patient and gives us many tips to improve. Thank you Ms Tan!
Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre - Dream Strive Inspire
Clarabelle Ang
O Level HCL, Crescent Girls' School
I really enjoy my lessons at Jocelyn Chinese. Ms Tan is always very helpful and patient to explain when I'm in doubt. I personally like that she shares news articles and discuss it with us in class. I used to not read the news, and found it hard to understand. But with her help, I feel more motivated now to read widely 🙂
Arielle Fang
O Level HCL, River Valley High
我的老师会以最简单的方式来解释我不懂的字。再加上她也能翻译成英语,这让我更容易理解 P1 的各个部分。有时,老师也会介绍不同的方式来增广见闻,比如说,播放社会可面对的问题之类的短片。这让我在写作文与电邮时,有更多的点子,更容易写!我相信我报名Jocelyn Chinese Tuition 对我的华文水平有巨大的帮助!
Lee Yi Xuan
O Level CL, Kent Ridge Sec
Extremely understanding teacher with very helpful teaching techniques and concise notes to help tackle O Level Chinese questions. Improved from C6 to B4 grade in just a span of 5 lessons and i’m sure i’ll be able to improve more under the guidance of Miss Jocelyn Tan. 🙂
Adelle Chan En Tong
O Level CL, Bedok South Sec
Ms Tan is a patient tutor who goes the extra mile to make sure that we understand the concepts. I've become more interested in the Chinese Language after attending her classes. Whenever I have any doubts, Ms Tan is always there to help me out.
Jesslyn Tock
O Level CL, Zhenghua Sec
Ms Tan is a very good teacher, with effective resources and patient teaching.
Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre - Dream Strive Inspire
Faith Ng
O Level HCL, Nan Hua High
As a student of Jocelyn Tan and many other chinese tuition teachers, I personally think Jocelyn Tan has been the best Chinese teacher I've seen. She has very easy and effective techniques on exactly how to do well in every component of Chinese paper 1 and 2. I have been struggling since I was in secondary school and I've always thought Chinese was hard, but after attending her tuition, it made Chinese look easy. Jocelyn Tan has helped me improve my Chinese vastly in a short period of time, which made me regret not having her teach me earlier.
Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre - Dream Strive Inspire
Anderson Lim
O Level HCL, Chung Cheng High
After attending Ms Tan's lesson, I am clearer with the different components of Chinese tested. I also like that the notes are short and compact with what I need and good for revision. I especially find the compo writing easier with Ms Tan's method.
Abelle Leong Hui Wen
O Level CL & A Level H1 CL, Kranji Sec/ASRJC
Ms Tan has helped me improve in my Chinese Language with her strategic teaching methods and also her notes are very clear cut. I strongly feel that my Chinese Language composition has greatly improved with the help of her teaching. I'm VERY thankful for her help as I wouldn't have done well for the exams without her. 🙂
Javier Leong Wei Jun
O Level CL & A Level H1 CL, Kranji Sec/JPJC
Jocelyn chinese tuition is personalised and engaging. The tuition has helped me ironed out the frills in my answering of chinese comprehension questions, equiped me with vital skills for the cloze passage, as well as structure an effective writing style for my chinese composition writing. However, besides the afore-mentioned improvements, the tuition has helped me gain a better and stronger appreciation for the Chinese language as well as helped me meet my personal goals I have hoped to attain for the subject. I strongly recommend Jocelyn Chinese Tuition for you or your child.
Dean Seow
A Level H1 CL, ACJC