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About Jocelyn Chinese.

Chinese Resource book and lesson materials by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre

Jocelyn Chinese takes a pragmatic approach in teaching and learning of the Chinese Language. Hence, our tutors design and actively review pedagogy to stretch learning potential of different student profiles. With years of experience, Jocelyn Chinese have incorporated Strategic Bilingualism using Second Language Teaching pedagogy to bridge the learning of ChineseLanguage Thinking Models and Exam Strategies, all developed by a team of experienced inhouse MOE-trained bilingual Chinese tutors.

Tutors at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition ensure easy to follow formula-like Thinking Models that help students craft coherent content. By equipping students with core thinking skills, we ensure that students see their grades improve holistically.


Exam strategies are taught to increase efficiency in tackling questions of National standards (O Levels Chinese / Higher Chinese tuition for Secondary school / IP students, as well as A Levels H1 Chinese for JC students). With bite-sized assessments, students can acquire skills effectively to uncover the joy of learning within real world context and build intrinsic motivation to learn ahead independently.

Our featured current affairs discussions with students continuously trigger critical thinking in key topics that not only cast light on revolving world situations but also enhance language and memory abilities. Relevant content from Chinese Classics and Literature are actively infused into lessons to cultivate the learning potential of students while creating budding, focal interests in heritage Chinese culture and the language.


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