Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

Sample Chinese and Higher Chinese worksheet by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

Our Vision.

Dream. Strive. Inspire.
点燃梦想之火 引领未来之光

Our Mission.

Strengthen Language Foundation

Equip Exam-Oriented Thinking Models

Develop Intrinsic Motivation

Why Choose Us.

With our experienced MOE-trained Chinese tutors, Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre recognizes the bilingual learning environment in Singapore and leverages on that to address learning gaps of local Chinese Language students (O Levels Chinese / Higher Chinese and A Levels H1 Chinese) effectively.

Jocelyn Chinese strategies equip all Chinese language students, with tailored Thinking-Models and methods that tackle the National Exams (Secondary School O Level Chinese and Junior College A Level Chinese).

Fundamentally, the joy in learning of Chinese language arise from an interest to promote the appreciation of Chinese culture, a firm belief of Jocelyn Chinese.

Join our Jocelyn Chinese family.

Count on our strengths to deliver the best education. Equip yourselves with the skills to improve your grades holistically under the professional guidance of our Chinese tutors.

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