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Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)

Our Vision

Dream. Strive. Inspire.


Our Mission

 Strengthen Language Foundation

Equip Exam-Oriented Thinking Models

Develop Intrinsic Motivation

Why Choose Jocelyn Chinese?

Find out how bilingualism is applied effectively in Jocelyn Chinese tuition

Our Strengths

With our team of experienced and bilingual Chinese tutors, MOE-trained teachers and exam coordinators, Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre:
  • Recognizes the bilingual learning environment in Singapore and leverages on that to address learning gaps of local Chinese Language students (O Levels Chinese / Higher Chinese and A Levels H1 Chinese)

  • Equips all students with specifically tailored Thinking-Models and strategies to tackle National Exam questions (Secondary School O Level Chinese and JC A Level Chinese)

  • Promotes the love and appreciation of Chinese culture through infusion of Joy in learning

Our Approach

Taking a pragmatic and logical approach in teaching and learning of the Chinese Language.
  • Design and actively review our pedagogy to stretch the learning potential of different student profiles
  • Incorporate Strategic Bilingualism using Second Language Teaching pedagogy to bridge the learning of Chinese Language 
Thinking Model and Exam Strategies developed by a team of experienced MOE-trained bilingual Chinese tutors
  • Useful and easy to follow formula-like Thinking Models help students expand coherent content in writing and speaking
  • Thinking skills equipped allow students to apply them across various subjects and see their grades improve holistically
  • Exam strategies are taught to increase efficiency in tackling questions of National standards
  • Bite-sized assessments during our sessions help students acquire these skills effectively
Uncover the joy of learning with real world context and build intrinsic motivation to learn
  • Feature current affairs in facilitated discussions to trigger critical thinking in key topics
  • Infuse relevant content from Chinese Classics and Literature into lessons and stretch learning potential of students with higher readiness 


ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT
All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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