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Frequently asked questions about Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

The maximum class size is limited at 10 students. We limit the class size to a small group in order to provide quality feedback for all students in the class. With a better tutor-student ration, our tutors will also be better equipped to cater to individual learning needs during lessons. Students are also encouraged to update their tutors on their school assessment schedule so that tutors can provide additional help if necessary.

Our tutors also provide online consultation for all students (subjected to availability). The small class size allows for more flexibility in arranging for these sessions.

Yes. Fees for students who join after the first lesson of the month will be pro-rated, based on the number of lessons he/she will attend in the month of registration.

No. We do not charge registration fees for our students. The lesson fees are inclusive of all materials provided. Additional materials provided by individual tutors (revision packages) are not charged for students enrolled in our regular classes.

We accept PayNow, bank transfer, cash and cheque payment. Kindly include the student’s name and invoice number for reference.

  • PayNow: UEN 202139630Z (Jocelyn Chinese Learning Centre Pte. Ltd.)
  • Bank Transfer: DBS Current Account 072-510499-8
  • Cheque Payment: Payable to “Jocelyn Chinese Learning Centre Pte. Ltd.”, Account Number 072-510499-8
  • Cash: Kindly prepare exact change if possible.

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