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Bilingualism in Singapore

Bilingualism is the cornerstone of our education system in Singapore. Why is that so? We equip you with the language skills essential in the globalized world. The government, too, recognizes the importance of bilingualism. In 2011, the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism was set up. This was in hope to gather proposals to promote bilingualism. With the Chinese Language becoming increasingly relevant, more are also finding it useful in corporate. Hence, it is important for Chinese Language students to have a strong foundation in the language.

Searching for Chinese Tuition in Singapore?

Look no further. Jocelyn Chinese Tuition provides quality materials to help you effectively bridge the English and Chinese Language. Join us and be taught personally by an effectively bilingual tutor.

Bilingualism (Chinese Tuition Singapore)

Chinese Tuition (Second Language)

Why is Chinese Tuition important? As you might observe, Chinese language has become the Second Language in most households. In other words, we hardly use Chinese Language outside the classrooms.

How can Jocelyn Chinese Tuition help?

We have recognized and embraced the need to anchor Chinese as the second language for most students in Singapore. Hence, our resources and methods are tailored specially to suit this profile.

Our team consists of qualified teachers and researchers who are well-versed in the disciplines of translation. We pride ourselves in creating valuable resources which centers upon established Second Language Teaching pedagogy. With these resources, we at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition centre integrate English as a strategic bridge to hone your master of Chinese Language in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

Mastering a language indeed can’t be a day’s work. Stop struggling on your own! Let us join you on this journey and guide you with easy-to-apply techniques.

Chinese Language Syllabus

Our Chinese Language syllabus place emphasis on language skills and answering techniques. Hence, Jocelyn Chinese compiles strategies to help you cope with National standards. Familiarize yourself with the National exam standards through our practices. Learn about the different question types and be better equipped at the exams!

How do I know where I stand?

We pride ourselves in providing feedback to all students. Our tutor identifies your strengths and areas for improvement. Thus, you can strengthen your plus points and tackle other specific areas. This will help you gauge where you stand in the subject.

Study Tips provided at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

Relating to Personal Experiences

At the National Chinese Language Examinations, you will need to relate your personal experiences with broader social themes. As such, you will need to be in touch with current affairs. 

Hardly read the news? Can’t keep up with current affairs?

At Jocelyn Chinese,  we analyse and select key topics in current affairs. During lessons, we will conduct in depth discussions to broaden your perspectives. Our tutor engages everyone in active discussion. As a result, you’ll share your opinions and hear those of others. This will help to shape your unique opinion on various current affairs. Not only so, we will also guide you on making links with your personal experience.

Lack experience with regards to a certain topic?

There’s always strength in numbers! Listen to those of others and apply them during exams! Through active sharing, you do not need to worry about the lack of examples. All you have to do is to actively participate in discussions. Take note of these during revision and apply them whenever possible.

National Examinations

Worried about the National Examinations?
Fret not, we’re here to help!

Jocelyn Chinese trains you to uncover your potential in mastering the Chinese Language. Be sure to gain confidence in your language competency through our lessons. We can help you achieve your desired goals.

At our Chinese tuition Singapore, we strive to equip all students with the necessary skills needed. Hence, our classes focus on effective techniques and strategies. Join us is you would like to learn how to be exam smart!