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Why is Bilingualism in Singapore Important?

Achieve Effective Bilingualism​.

Bilingualism is the cornerstone of our education system in Singapore. The government, too, recognizes the importance of bilingualism. In 2011, the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism was set up, in hope to gather proposals to promote bilingualism. With the Chinese Language becoming increasingly relevant, more are also finding it useful in corporate. Hence, it is important for Chinese Language students to build a strong foundation. Many students thus search high and wide for reliable Chinese tuition in Singapore.

Similarly, our tutors recognize and embrace the need to anchor Chinese as the second language for most Singapore students. Mastering a language indeed can’t be a day’s work. Instead of struggling on your own, secure a suitable Chinese tuition in Singapore that is effective. Let us join you on this journey and guide you with easy-to-apply techniques.

Why Choose Jocelyn Chinese?

At Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, our resources and teaching methods are tailored specially to suit local students. Our team of qualified tutors are expert in the disciplines of translation and have designed valuable resources to establish a highly proven Second Language Teaching pedagogy that works for those learning Chinese Language in Singapore. All tutors have successfully integrated English as a strategic bridge to hone the mastery of the Chinese language in the most efficient and pragmatic, bilingual way of learning.

During lessons, we also conduct thorough discussions to broaden your perspectives on current affairs and hone your speaking skills in Chinese. You will be able to shape unique opinions on various topics, and learn key Chinese vocabulary to better present ideas. With foundational bilingual integration from young, you can fully master core grammatical and structural differences between English and Chinese. Overall, your proficiency in both languages will be enhanced, for life.

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Effective Bilingualism is not a dream

Uncover your potential.

Are you still in search of Chinese Tuition in Singapore? Look no further. Here at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, we equip you with the language skills essential in the globalized world. Join us and be taught personally by effectively bilingual tutors.

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