Secondary School Chinese Tuition
For Lower Sec Students

The jump from primary school Chinese to secondary school Chinese can be a big one. At the lower sec level, students are exposed to more higher-level forms of assessment. Hence, their critical thinking and linguistic skills are often put to the test. As such, many students struggle to keep up with the rigour in Secondary school. 

With Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, your child can get professional guidance and facilitation they need to fully adapt to the new syllabus. We provide Chinese tuition for secondary school students at Sec 1 and Sec 2 to help them excel and obtain a firm grip on the Chinese language.

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Centre

More about the lower secondary classes…

The Lower Secondary Chinese tuition classes cover the fundamentals of writing and speaking skills.

In our classes, English will be used as an effective medium to bridge the students’ understanding. Hence, the process of learning will be a smoother and engaging one. To better support their learning, materials given to students will also be accompanied with relevant English translations.

In addition, structures and scaffolding will be provided to help students hone thinking skills and craft answers independently. Our Chinese tuition for secondary school students goes beyond merely teaching our students the basics of the Chinese language. Instead, our tutors will train students to think independently and critically. We will also leverage interactive class activities during our Chinese tuition classes. Through our effective pedagogy, we seek to spark curiosity in students and make them eager to learn more about the language. For our students, we will go above and beyond to make sure the experience is an enriching one. 

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Classes available for:
Secondary 1-2 Students

Class Schedule:
Chinese Tuition
Sec 1 CL – Monday 3.45pm-5.45pm
Sec 2 CL – Sunday 11am-1pm

Higher Chinese Tuition
Sec 1 HCL – Sunday 9am-11am
Sec 2 HCL – Monday 6pm-8pm 

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