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Online Virtual Tour 2021

Hi everyone! During the Lunar New Year holiday last year, we organized a cultural tour to explore Chinatown and understand the uniqueness of our local Chinese culture, together with our guest Dr Chua Chee Lay. With the current pandemic, we have been unable to organize more trips around Singapore. 

This holiday, we would like to bring our tour online and invite everyone to explore our Singapore Night Safari and River Safari! These tours will be conducted in Mandarin by professional guides. Learn more about our wildlife and grasp new vocabulary at the same time! 🙂

Wondering how these tour experiences can be converted into useful conversation materials in oral exam? Join us us for the tutorial discussion session which will be held after the tours! 

These online tours are offered to all Jocelyn Chinese Tuition current and ex-students for free. 

Chinese language is all around us and the learning of language can be fun for all! Sign up via the form below by 1st June 2021 and we hope to see everyone there! As always, you’re welcomed to invite your family members to join in on our tours.

Details will be confirmed with all participants at a nearer date. 

– Registration has closed. Details will be shared with all participants shortly. – 

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