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The digital world is no stranger to teenagers in the present day. For instance, online platforms are widely used in Singapore schools. At Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre, we believe that these are important. Hence, we provide different online consultation platforms where students can interact with their Chinese tutor.  As a result, our Chinese tutors can provide prompt feedback to students.


Online Consultation for Students at Jocelyn Chinese


1. Whatsapp / Telegram Group chat

– Individualised Online Consultation
– Written / Typed Responses

Our students are encouraged to message Jocelyn via Whatsapp. Through the app, we can address challenges faced in the tuition centre or school. Students in the same tuition class can also engage in group consultations. In addition, Jocelyn will share key recaps upon request.

2. ZOOM live consultation

– Group consultation
– Instant feedback and interaction

Furthermore, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition provides live consultations. During which, students can pose questions directly to their Chinese tutor. Thus, learning can take place beyond our tuition centre.


3. Google Drive

– Individualised Feedback
– Collated work to document progress

Lastly, students will have their work added into Google Drive. Parents can easily access these documents to keep track of your child’s progress. Join us now and work hand in hand with Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre!


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