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5 Activities to Enjoy During the September Holidays


The September holidays are fast approaching, have you guys decided on how to spend your long-awaited holidays? Studies are important indeed, and so is getting a good rest. Why not take advantage of this school holidays and relax? Here are 5 activities that you can enjoy with your families and friends during this September holidays, and without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Feel the thrills of Escape Rooms 刺激的密室逃脱

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Escape Room is a popular form of team-building activity these days. Players get to take on different roles, engrossing themselves in the carefully staged environments and story plots. Players will have to make their escape through interactions, discovering various clues, and putting their reasoning skills to the test within a limited timeframe. Thrilling, exciting, and full of suspense, escape rooms are definitely a must-try activity this September holidays.


Currently, in Singapore, there are various Escape Room game providers available. Prices will vary depending on the duration, the story plot chosen, whether it’s on a weekday, weekend, or public holiday. Student prices are also available for some providers. If you’re interested and up for a challenge, do check out the providers below:

Xcape Singapore

Lost SG Escape Room Singapore

Captivate Escape Rooms

2. Immersive experience with Virtual Reality 沉浸式体验虚拟现实

Picture depicting a person enjoying virtual reality game during the september holidays


Virtual Reality (VR) games are also on the rise. With the use of VR technology, players will be able to experience a world beyond reality through the VR headset, as well as perform various actions with the hand controllers. 

From simple chef battles to an intense and nerve wrecking zombie shooting game, from vast prairies to the ice-cold deep seas, an abundance of games are available on the market for you to try your hands on. An immersive experience, stimulating your various senses, will definitely bring you right into the scene.


If you’re interested, check out these VR game providers below:



3. Exhibitions at the National Museum of Singapore 新加坡国家博物馆的展览


If you prefer something with a more literal touch over a game experience that gets your adrenaline rushing, why not visit the National Museum of Singapore? The National Museum of Singapore is Singapore’s oldest museum, with many permanent and temporary exhibitions and programmes with various themes for visitors to see. 

Through the different exhibitions, visitors will develop a better understanding of Singapore’s history and culture during the different time periods, and the changes in time. From exhibitions showcasing the history and culture of Singapore in the 1920s and 1930s during the British colonial rule to exhibitions showcasing the changes in local technology from the 1970s to the 2000s, the diversity in exhibitions is definitely one of the highlights of the National Museum of Singapore.


For more information, please visit the official website of the National Museum of Singapore:

National Museum of Singapore

4. Touring the Singapore Botanic Gardens 新加坡植物园的游园

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Cooped up at home for too long during the September holidays? It’s time to take it to the outdoors, get close to mother nature, breathe in the fresh air, and start moving your body, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens is definitely a great choice. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is the oldest garden in Singapore, it is also the first site in Singapore to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 

There are 5 entrances as well as various gardens of different themes, including the National Orchid Garden which exhibits over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids, amongst those, there are over 200 orchids named after famous people who have visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens, making it one of the must-see gardens of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

Another point to note, Singapore Botanic Gardens also offer free guided tours on the first to fourth Saturday of every month, visiting different gardens and providing detailed explanations of them to the public.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

5. Group Study Sessions 小组学习会

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If you’re not an outdoor person and prefer to stay indoors, or if you are intending to make use of the September holidays to do your revision, why not find a quiet and comfortable place and have a group study session with a bunch of like-minded friends? 

There are many benefits of group study sessions, whenever you encounter difficulties in your studies, there will be someone there to help guide you, as well as a chance to deepen your understanding of the subject when you are helping others out with their studies. 

This form of studying not only improves study efficiency but also cultivates and enhances the awareness and spirit of group cooperation and social skills. In addition, studying and working hard together with a group of like-minded friends will also make you feel more at ease.

Conclusion 结语


This concludes 5 activities you can try with your families and friends during the September holidays. Are you interested in trying them out? Do leave a comment to share with everyone if you have other plans! That’s all for today, happy holidays, and until next time!

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