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O Levels 30 Days Challenge

30 Days Challenge 复习挑战

Need help for your O Levels Chinese exam revision?  

Feel lost about what to revise?

Embark on Jocelyn Chinese O Levels 30 Days Challenge and accomplish different daily goals! Here at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition, we understand the stress you feel during this intensive revision period. During the Circuit Breaker, many of us might have felt lost without the drilling provided in school. The May holidays might have also been a stressful period for all who are taking the June papers. We hope to be here for everyone and help as much as we can! 

Hence, we’re providing the revision materials for this challenge at no cost. Simply indicate your interest with us and gain free access. 

The daily goals are carefully designed to gradually increase the rigour of your revision. Through the daily recaps and practices, you’ll be able to gain confidence in your skills! For those who are joining us slightly later, you can also try to clear two goals in a day. 

In the meantime, do take good care of of your health! Make sure that you drink enough liquids and have ample rest. Check out our 5 exam tips if you want to learn more about exam strategies! 

Try your best and you won’t have any regrets! 🙂

Want to feel ready for the national exams? Start our 30 days challenge today! 








30 Days Challenge: Exam Tips for O Level Chinese

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