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Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 | 父亲节

Father's Day 父亲节



Time really flies! The annual event of Father’s day is here! 

Fun Fact: Do you know that Father’s day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June? Well, now you know! 

Father’s day is a day where we celebrate fatherhood and, to me, a day where we show appreciation to our dads for all that they have done for us. More often than not, many of us celebrate by whipping up a meal or buying a cake.


 Now you may be wondering, what are some interesting ways to celebrate father’s day?

Celebrate Father's Day 2020 with Jocelyn Chinese Tuition!

Activity #1: Fun Packed Games




One interesting way you can celebrate father’s day is to celebrate it with your cousins and relatives. 

You can come together  and plan a one day event for all the fathers. Not only will this activity strengthen relationships and bond between family members and relatives but most importantly, it’ll be a memorable experience for all of you! 

The event I have in mind is a game where all the different families will be spilt into different groups and there will be many different stations that each group have to complete in order to proceed to the next station and the fastest group to finish everything wins the final prize. For a more exciting element, rather than just competing to see who completes all the stations the fastest, you can add a final station where all the groups will come together to have an ultimate showdown. 

The ultimate showdown activity that I have in mind is an activity called “Guardian of the Balloon”. There will be a balloon tied to everyone’s leg and the goal is to be the last one standing meaning you’ll have to protect your balloon from getting stepped by others. The purpose of the station games would than be the fastest group to finish the stations will have an additional “life”, in this context, an additional balloon. Which means that they will have a higher chance of winning!

Activity #2: Day Trip / Bonding with the Fam




Another way you can celebrate father’s day is planning a family day trip out! It can be a road trip where you visit a neighboring country or having a picnic at a nearby park. For those who are not keen on heading out, you can also build something together with your family, things like a 5000 pieces jigsaw puzzle or any DIY furniture. 

There is really no one perfect way to celebrate father’s day, in fact, you can celebrate it however you want!

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Gift Ideas 该准备什么礼物呢?


Do you normally prepare gifts on father’s day?

I’m sure many of us are not sure of what to get for our fathers on this special day. Will he like the gift? Does he need this? What kind of things does he really like? All these questions run through our minds as we scan through different shops and sites for the ‘perfect gift’.



I once heard a saying “The most meaningful gifts on earth is not what cost the most but instead it is the sincerity that matters.” I’ve attached a video below and I really urge all of you to watch it.

The video tells us about what our fathers really want from us. It is not something difficult, nor something that we can’t do. In fact, what our father really wants is for us to be happy, to be able to lead a good life and to be able to spend some time with them when they grow old. 

Let us come together and gift our father the most amazing thing we can ever give to them, our company.

I wish all the fathers in the world a very Happy Father’s Day!

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