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Argumentative Writing 01: Fight or Flight

Argumentative Essay 议论文 – Fight or Flight?


Argumentative Essay is a key question type in both O and A levels Chinese Language Paper 1. However, many students tend to avoid it, fearing that they might lack the techniques or evidence needed to score. What should students do? Here’s our take on how to resolve this problem:

Fight or Flight
Basic structure of an Argumentative Essay
第一段Paragraph 1开头 (Introduction)
第二段 Paragraph 2论点1 (Point 1) 论据1 (Evidence 1 + Elaboration) 论证
第三段Paragraph 3论点2 (Point 2) 论据2 (Evidence 2 + Elaboration) 论证
第四段Paragraph 4论点3 (Point 3) 论据3 (Evidence 3 + Elaboration) 论证
第五段Paragraph 5总论证+总结 (Conclusion)

Drafting the right Points is essential for the essay to remain on the right track. The process for many of our students is often instinctive upon looking at the essay question. Hence, in an exam, it is typical that many students will end up writing similar points. Our team of experienced teachers who had been National Exam markers observe that it is common to have thousands of candidates sharing similar points in their essays each year. It’s no wonder that students find it hard to excel at this question type.


Evidence + Elaboration

With a valid and succinct valid Point, how can students then make their Argumentative Essays shine amongst others? One distinguishing factor is that the Point must be backed by relevant Evidence and Elaboration. This is usually where a series of Chinese Idioms/sayings or general knowledge is applied.

However, students who are unprepared for this question type usually include their personal life experiences or perspectives. Well-prepared students, on the other hand, would have a few overused Chinese idioms/sayings and snippets of biography of famous individuals, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, up in their sleeves.

而写出好的论据是需要学生对实事、新闻、文献及文学的累计的。因此,对于议论文才会常有“Easy to pass, difficult to ace”的说法。

“Argumentative Writing & The Classics” Series

In this light, our team at Jocelyn Chinese tuition centre prides ourselves in consistently creating updated lesson materials that are aligned with current news and world affairs. Our team believes in the authenticity of learning and we are passionate in value-adding our students with content and topics that are transferable across multi-disciplines, like General Paper and Social Studies. With these content framed within our refinement of study techniques and strategies, our students are able to utilise these content to their advantage in many examinations.

In our upcoming posts, we will be introducing the series: “Argumentative Writing & The Classics”. Our team will extract, translate and adapt valuable resources from Chinese Classics and Literature, which are previously inaccessible to the students due to language barriers. We will provide bite-sized, finally comprehensible explanations, which allow you to inject some flair of Ancient Chinese wisdom (that you probably have no time to search on your own) into the Argumentative Essays.


Join us now and let us be a part of your journey in achieving greatness in the Chinese Language!

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