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Dragonboat Racing 101 | 划龙舟

龙舟赛 Dragonboat Race



Hello! We meet again! The Dragon Boat festival has just passed and I hope everyone had a great time celebrating it, especially making rice dumplings. Anyways, I hope you remember my previous blog on Dragon Boat festival. 

While your memories are still fresh, I would like to share more about Dragonboat races!

龙舟赛的传说 History of Dragonboat Races



There are many myths and legends about the history of Dragon Boat racing. However, the one in which I believe most of us are familiar with would be the legend on Qu Yuan. If you haven’t read my blog on Dragon Boat festival, what are you waiting for? Read it now! 

Here, I will help you refresh your memory on Qu Yuan if you do not remember what you have read. 

Qu Yuan was a minister well loved by people during the first half of the Eastern Zhou period. However in 278BC, Chu was intruded by the Qin. Qu Yuan, who could not bear to see his country fall, decided to die along with the country by jumping into a river to end his life. When the villagers come to know of this, they tried to find his body but failed in the end. They then beat their oars against the water, hoping that the man-eating fish would not feed on his body. 

还有一个传说是说龙舟是为了祭曹娥。浙江地区,是以龙舟竞渡纪念曹娥。《后汉书·列女传》中载,曹娥是投江死去的,民间则传说她下江寻找父尸。浙江地区多祭祀之,《点石斋画报 ·虔祀曹娥》即描绘会稽地区人民祭祀曹娥之景象。兼有纪念当地出生的近代女民主革命家秋瑾的意义。

In AD 143, while presiding over a ceremony commemorating Wu Zixu during the Dragon Boat Festival, Cao Xu accidentally fell into the Shun River. Cao E, in an act of filial piety, decided to find her father in the river, searching for 3 days trying to find him. After five days, she and her father were both found dead in the river from drowning. Hence, dragon boat races are used to remember Cao E and her father.

As usual, these are not the only legends on the history of dragon boat racing. There are many other legends which are just as interesting as the ones that I have shared with you! You can check it out on the link below. 




Different dragon boats have different sizes, and the amount of people it can fit differs based on the size of the boat. 

Normally, a dragonboat is long and narrow, with the head of a dragon at its front. The dragon head can have different colours such as red, black and grey, along with different postures. The dragon head is also crafted from wood, after which colours are added onto it. The end of the boat, or the dragon’s tail is similar to its head. Made from wood too, scales are carved onto it.

Of course, besides the eye catching dragon’s head, the boat may also have drums, flags or even drawings of the players on it.



Since the topics that we have discussed for this month are heavily related to kinship, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you something. Cherish the opportunity to participate. Events like dragon boat festival only occur once a year, and if you can find some time to make dumplings with your family , or watch dragon boat races that would be awesome! If not, you can send a text to your loved ones to let them know that you care! 

Oh yea, do you like this type of blogs and content? Leave a comment and let me know!

Oh by the way, did you know? Singapore has its own dragon boat association known as Singapore Dragon Boat Association. They hold dragon boat races too! If you would like to see them in real action, be sure to check out their events! I will leave a link to their website below.

Singapore Dragon Boat Association:



To compensate for the short blog today, I will put a link to a video of a dragon boat competition below. 


Till next time!

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