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Explore Singapore with Jocelyn Chinese | 探索新加坡 2021

探索新加坡:线上导览 Explore Singapore Tours

Explore Singapore with Jocelyn Chinese Tuition



😲 什么?参观动物园的经验与考试相关?




“参与了导览后再进行口试练习,华文似乎也不再那么枯燥了!” —— 如苑教育中二生,思敏


Explore SG with Jocelyn Chinese: Online Tours 2021

How are you spending the June holidays? This year, to do our part in combatting the pandemic, we’ve mostly been staying at home. Many of us might miss travelling overseas and also exploring the outdoors of Singapore.

In view of the pandemic, our #exploreSGwithJocelyn tours have shifted online in 2021. This year, we partnered with Wildlife Reserves Singapore to organise tours to the River Safari and Night Safari. 

Before the actual tours, our team met the tour guides online for discussions. To our delight, they were able to fuse our bilingual approach with their tours. Thus, participants were able to enjoy the tour conducted in Mandarin, while being supported with English keywords featured on the slides. The knowledge and experience gained during the tours can then be applied in oral exams.  

😲 Touring the zoo can be useful for oral exams?

Yes, indeed! Before the tour, many students did not know that these fun experiences can be translated into useful materials for oral exams. Through our post-tour session, many found out that with the proper thinking models and structures, we can use daily experiences to expand on our content during oral exams. These thinking models and structures are also reinforced during our regular lessons, allowing students to put them to good use.

“I learnt how to reflect and apply what I have heard and seen from learning journeys into my studies. This helped me expand my vocabulary knowledge and was very insightful! :)” —— Jocelyn Chinese Sec 1 Student, Alicia

Want to participate in our future tours and explore Singapore? Join the Jocelyn Chinese family today! 😄

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