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综合填空练习 Vocabulary (Higher Chinese O level Sec 3 & 4) | 高年级课程词语

Higher Chinese O Level Key Vocabulary



Struggling with the vocabulary segment for Higher Chinese O level? Our tip is to start with what you’re familiar with and gain some confidence! As most schools will cover the MOE textbooks, it will be beneficial for us to revise the key vocabulary in the syllabus before moving on to others.

I’ll be sharing some tips on how to revise for vocabulary below. A vocabulary practice is also available at the end of the post for you to practice after revision. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section if you need help! 

复习词语 Vocabulary Revision

STEP ONE: Read through the higher chinese o level vocabulary booklet 词语手册 and textbooks (1A to 4B).  For those who do not have the vocabulary booklets, they can be easily purchased via local online bookstores. We also provide a summary of vocabulary for students enrolled in Jocelyn Chinese Tuition.

STEP TWO: Record any unfamiliar vocabulary in an exercise book. We highly recommend penning them down instead of typing as that will help you familiarize the words. 

STEP THREE: Check the meaning and relevant sentences for each word recorded. Feel free to write the meanings in English if that helps you to better understand the words.

STEP FOUR: Test yourself with some practices! We have attached a vocabulary practice for you below. Try it out to see if you’ve truly understood the words. 

综合填空练习 Higher Chinese O Level Vocab Worksheet

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