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Current Affairs (Technology) | O Levels Chinese Oral

Oral Preparation Topic Discussion:
Technology and its Impact on our Lives
O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese & A Level H1 Chinese 

In order to perform well at the oral exams, we will need to get in touch with current affairs. Other than reading the news, we need to think about our stand and how we can support that. Through practice, we will be able to discuss various topics extensively. As such, let’s take a look at some of the perspectives shared during our class discussion.

Recently, there’s been a news report in China about a machine being used for the completing homework. As our technology rapidly advances, we can expect every household to own a Robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI) 智能机器人 in the near future. With this exciting future, today’s topic discussion will be on the ideal functions we would like to have for these robots.

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What functions would you like to have in an AI robot?

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