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Mental Health Awareness 101 | 心理健康

嘿,大家好,别来无恙啊!在疫情笼罩之下,相信每个人都遇到了不少烦恼。这些不可避免的遭遇也会造成一定的心理压力。唯有掌握如何有效地面对,我们才能积极保持良好的心理健康。今天,就来跟大家分享一些保持良好心里健康的方法。都学起来吧! As a result of the pandemic, I believe many of us have had our fair share of troubles. These inevitable situations ultimately increase the level of mental stress we face. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that we learn how to cope with stress and maintain good mental health. Let us explore some ways today!

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