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Preserving Wildlife in Singapore | 新加坡野生植物保护措施


The problem of extinction has always lingered globally, including Singapore. Here in Singapore, we have the Mandai Wildlife Reserve to help with preserving wildlife. However, there stands to be room for improvement in terms of raising awareness about these wildlife. In hopes of raising awareness through this blog post, I will be sharing some of the measures that the Mandai Wildlife Reserve has taken to preserve wildlife!

Mandai Wildlife Bridge | 万态野生动物天桥

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Since we talked about Mandai, let’s start from the outside.

In the Mandai Rejuvenation Plan, a Mandai Wildlife Bridge was included. This 140cm bridge which exists over Mandai Lake Road, was officially opened in 2019. It linked two nature parks that existed as one in the past, which was cut by the appearance of Mandai Lake Road near 60 years ago. This allows many animals to safely reach either side, whilst reducing and preventing the chances of roadkill.

Some might ask, “Why the need for a bridge? Can’t these animals avoid the cars on their own?” The answer is no, they can’t! Before this bridge was built, many animals including the near extinct Sunda Pangolin were a part of roadkills. Even when there were signs to remind motorists to slow down, such events couldn’t be prevented. Hence, after this bridge was built, animals are finally able to safely reach both ends. (and we prevent anymore killings of our poor, near extinct pangolins!)

Ticket Admissions | 入门售票

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Wildlife)



After sharing about external buildings, let’s start from the parks that exist in Mandai.

Did you know? For every ticket purchase that you make, regardless of whichever park it is in Mandai, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve donates a portion of its profits to different organisations which protect animals both in Singapore and Southeast Asia. As such, the act of visiting these animals at the park essentially becomes a meaningful act of potentially saving animals! Of course, this isn’t to force anyone to buy tickets or anything. In fact, as long as you have the heart, you could actually donate what you can through other organisations directly!

Animals | 动物方面

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Wildlife)


首先,我觉得有一点应该提到。这些园区里面的动物,虽然大部分是自己的动物,但也有一部分是被解救的一些野生动物。无论是解救的野生动物,还是自己的动物,他们都一律照顾好。在动物的饮食方面,他们有特定的团队去照顾这方面的需求。 甚至有的时候,为了达到某个营养需求,这些动物还会得到补品。简直活得比我还好呀!



As an organisation which has opened 5 different parks for animals, being able to take good care of these animals is a must. On the official website, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve actually stated that they have world-class animal care. If you want to read the details, you may proceed to their website that I will leave a link to below. Otherwise, you can stay and read on as I briefly explain!

To start, a good point to note would be that these animals in their park, although mostly owned by them, some are rescued animals from the wild. Despite these, they still do their best to take care of them all. In terms of dietary needs, there is a dedicated team to take care of it. Should these animals have certain nutritions needs, they even get supplements to make up for it! Wow, I wish I had a dedicated team too! 

Additionally, in terms of living conditions and exercising, they all have custom settings. These are all made to replicate how it would be like if they were in their own natural environment, and would help them survive. These animals also get checked regularly for any health issues by professionals or veterinarians. Once they reach a certain age (75% of their lifespan), they then get another specialised plan inclusive of their dietary needs, with frequent vet visits and customised exercising plans. This specialised plan is otherwise known as the senior animal care plan.

Lastly, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve also acts as a rehabilitation centre, taking care of any rescued animals till they are well enough to be returned to their natural environment. Should they not be able to return, they would then continue to take care of these animals. In fact, they don’t only limit themselves to Singapore, but globally as well. They take part in over 100 international programs, most of which have to do with protecting animals. Again, if you would like a more detailed read, I will leave the link down below. 

Other Conservations | 其他

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Blog Post (Wildlife)



The Mandai Wildlife Reserve’s conservation efforts aren’t only limited to animals, but plants and the natural environment as well. To preserve the natural environment, they have set a goal to restore a certain area of land near them by 2024. In addition, they have tried to integrate all 5 of their parks with nature as best as they could. This way, not only do the animals get a more natural-like habitat to live in, the organisation gets to protect the environment better.

I’m sure most of you would know by now, global warming is the number one threat to the environment. As such, to play their part in saving the environment, the Mandai Wildlife Reserve has done many things in their 5 parks. Some of these include reducing energy and water consumption, and reaching zero waste. These details are in another link which I will leave below as well, should you want to take a more detailed read!



Preserving and protecting wildlife, like saving the environment, is something where everyone has a part to play in. Although there are organisations like the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, we cannot fully rely on them. I’m not saying that you have to start saving animals on your own, but if you do meet any animals in need of help, do call the appropriate hotlines so they can get the help they need. This is also a form of playing your part! Additionally, I hope that with this blog, many of you have a better understanding of how Singapore is doing its best to preserve wildlife! See you next time! Bye!

Here are some hotlines you may need: 

SPCA (Domestic Animals): +65 62875355 ext 9

ACRES (Wildlife): +65 9783 7782

Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority: 1800 4761600

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