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Mental Health Awareness 101 | 心理健康


As a result of the pandemic, I believe many of us have had our fair share of troubles. These inevitable situations ultimately increase the level of mental stress we face. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that we increase our mental health awareness and learn to cope with stress. Let us explore some ways today!

#1 找朋友倾诉 | Talk to your friends

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Many would confide in their closest friends in times of need. I personally believe that this is one of the most effective methods against stress. We should always remember, we are only humans, not machines! Company is something that we can never have enough as humans. Whenever there’s a need to talk to a friend, we should actively reach out and seek help. True friends will stay by our side and help us through these difficult times. Keeping things to ourselves would only take a toll on our already weakened souls.




你为了我 我为了你

共赴患难绝望里紧握你手 朋友

#2 写日记 | Journaling

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For those who wish to avoid troubling your friends or find the matter too personal to share, penning down a journal entry is a great option as well. You can record anything and everything, whatever helps to declutter your mind of the negativity. Try not to think of this as an old-fashioned method. In fact, many people still write journals nowadays, including friends around me (Psst. It’s a popular act amongst many teens now).


Here are some channels which do Journaling on Youtube, enjoy!

  1. TheCoffeeMonsterzCO
  2. AmandaRachLee
  3. Caitlin’s Corner
  4. Bullet Journal
  5. MyLifeinaBullet

#3 接触音乐 | Try Music

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Research has shown that music can beneficial towards one’s mental health. Not only can it help us relax, music can also alleviate stress and improve concentration. There are many things that music can do for us. If you’re interested, do read up more online!

Music is part of many youngsters’ lives. It’s not hard to spot a youth with earplugs on the streets, grooving to their favourite beats. Do give it a try and play a song to relieve the stress in you! Though we’re unable to karaoke during this pandemic, we can always do sing-alongs with your family at home. There are also karaoke apps if you want to sing with your friends online!

All in all, you can uncover the power of music once you give it a try.

#4 运动 | Exercising

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再者,无论你是跟家人还是朋友运动,这也是一种促进彼此关系的方式!即便不见面,我们也能采用现在流行的线上运动模式,通过如Zoom,Microsoft Teams等平台与朋友进行线上运动。


Exercising is a common method used to combat stress. During the course of exercising, our bodies release neurotransmitters (or hormones) known as Endorphins. They help lift our moods, relieve stress, and eliminate negative emotions.

When you are free, you can always go for a jog, a hike on a mountain, or even ride bicycles with your families and friends. Not only does exercising improves one’s mental wellness, but it also helps to keep us fit and healthy. In addition, it is also a great way to bond with our family and friends. You can even do it alone to give yourself some time off! Additionally, exercising online through platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are getting more popular. You can try it out too!

Although exercising is good for you, remember to do it in moderation. If done too vigorously and frequently, you may end up getting hurt, which is undesired.

#5 私人空间 | Personal Time and Space

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Amidst the hustle of life, we often neglect the importance of personal space. We constantly priortise socialising, afraid that the world will leave us behind if we fail to keep up the pace. Personally, I think people fail to realise that, socialising isn’t everything. Just like a rubber band stretched to its limits, we will eventually fall apart if we neglect ‘me-time’. Hence, I would urge everyone to take some time off your busy schedule and spend a day or two doing what you like, focusing on your mental health. If possible, try to stay offline and away from social media platform during this period of time. Trust me, you will feel energized and relaxed afterwards.




I hope that through this article, you’ve gained a better understanding of ways to maintain mental health. Remember, when there’s a will, there’s a way. There are no challenges too difficult to overcome. Don’t give yourself too much stress. If need be, seek help or find someone to talk to!

Before I end this off, if you have any effective ways to relax or maintain mental wellness, feel free to let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

Here are some mental health hotlines you can call should you or anyone you know need:

SOS 24-hour Hotline: 1800-221-4444                                                                

Singapore Association for Mental Health: 1800-283-7019

Care Corner Counselling Centre (Mandrin): 1800-353-5800 

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