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Celebrating Lunar New Year 2022 | 农历新年

Celebrating Lunar New Year 2022 | 农历新年


Hey everyone! Lunar New Year (LNY) is around the corner, and I’m sure that many of us are looking forward to family reunions! However, with the COVID-19 pandemic looming over the world, our nation’s restrictions would most definitely be tightened during the festive season. I believe this has caused many of us to feel troubled. Hence, I’ll be sharing adaptations we can make to celebrate, be sure to check it out!

团圆饭 | Reunion Dinner

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别慌,我也有方法!我们能运用各种视讯平台,以线上模式和家人一起吃团圆饭。说到视讯平台,相信大家应该不陌生吧?除了Zoom以外,我们也可以选择Google Meet、Whatsapp或是Telegram等。选定平台后,我们只需在各自家中准备好食物,再上线一起开吃,就能在遵守防疫措施的同时与家人团圆!无论如何,只要多花些心思,我们就能克服一切阻扰与家人共进团圆饭。

Reunion dinner is probably the most important part of our LNY traditions! No matter our age, we’ll always be looking forward to having this significant meal with our families.

As of 17th January 2022, the dining and gathering group size has been capped at 5. For small families with 5 or fewer members, we would not have to worry about having reunion dinners at restaurants over the festive season. However, I’m sure with the inclusion of our relatives, the number will definitely exceed 5. Does that mean that we have to give reunion dinner a miss?

If our extended family is relatively small in numbers, the problem is slightly easier to resolve. We can choose to cook and invite up to 5 relatives for the meal. If we’re not ready to whip up a feast, there’s always the option of delivery. There are plenty of LNY promotions available that will definitely satisfy our taste buds. 

Now, what if our family is relatively huge? What should I do? 

No worries! We can always use video-conferencing platforms like Zoom to hold an online reunion dinner. All we have to do is to prepare our own meals at the comfort of our own homes, log on to the platform and start eating together! No matter what, there’s always a way to enjoy reunion dinner with our loved ones.

捞鱼生环节 | “Lou Hei”

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捞鱼生(Lou Hei)就和团圆饭一样,是农历新年期间不可或缺的环节。其实,捞鱼生属于新加坡以及马来西亚比较独特的庆祝方式。不仅如此,这道菜具有重大寓意,,象征着吉祥、好运、健康等。




The Prosperity Toss, or “Lou Hei”, is another irreplaceable bit of LNY which is unique to Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, it is a dish filled with deeper meanings like bringing good luck throughout the year.

Before starting the toss, we would normally add the ingredients onto the base vegetables. I believe most of you, if not all, have had the experience of shouting some auspicious phrases whilst pouring the ingredients.

While it is normal for us to do this pre-Covid, we unfortunately should avoid doing this to safeguard ourselves . However, fret not as I have a solution for this.

Did you know? There are audio clips online which can play the auspicious phrases while we toss. That’s right! You can just play the clip while adding the ingredients. Or if you’d like a personal touch, choose to record one on your own for the occasion.

红包 | Red Packets

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Talking about LNY, the first thing that comes to mind, should most probably be red packets! In Chinese Culture, red represents liveliness, happiness, and luck. As such, when an elderly gives us red packets, they are essentially “giving” us their well wishes and good luck.

However, keeping in mind that technology is ever changing, more and more people are giving out e-red packets instead of traditional ones. They are basically transferred electronically and can be easily done so via platforms like PayNow.

Additionally, under the influence of Covid-19, more people will choose this form of interaction, including the usage of platforms like Zoom, to replace house visiting. As such, for those of you who are unable to visit your relatives who are overseas, you can consider this method.

I know that some people might feel that this isn’t too traditional of a method and may see differently on this issue. What I would say about this, is not to worry. The main idea of giving red packets is to pass down well wishes and luck, and the sincerity remains even with electronic red packets!

With COVID-19 being increasingly serious throughout the world, this method reduces physical contact between people, reducing the risk of infection. Moreover, Singapore is moving towards a smart nation where cashless payment is being promoted as the main form of payment. I believe that soon this would become a social norm!




With that, today’s article shall end here. Hope everyone has a fun time during the LNY and remember, always stay safe!

Here, I wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year in advance!

I’ll see you next time, bye!

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