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O Levels Results

O Levels Results

And so, we finally receive our O Levels results!

Some of us might be crying tears of joy, while some of us drown in disappointment and sorrow. 

Whatever the results, we have given it our best shot. And for that, we should celebrate and give ourselves a pat on the back. Nonetheless, reality is always harsh. After crying, hugging, screaming, jumping, we still need to decide on our future path. Would it be a course at Polytechnic? Would it be 2 years of mugging at a Junior College? Or would it be a technical program at ITE? 


Choices. Choices. Choices.


We have reached a crossroad in life. And for perhaps the first time in our lives, we need to make an important decision. A decision that’ll shape our education journey. So then comes the important question.


How DO we decide?

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 ONE.  Listen to our Parents/Teachers/Relatives

These people have guided us in life and helped shape who we are. They are the ones we turn to when we’re in doubt. Surely, when choosing our next milestone, they should play a part? 

But what’s that nagging feeling?

We have grown. We are young adults. We do not want others to hold our hands and lead us forward. Deep in our hearts, we want to make our own decisions. We want to choose our path according to what our hearts desire. 

Then the next question is, what IS our heart’s desire?

TWO. Listen to our Hearts

We have developed countless of interests in Secondary School. We love art. We love music. We love sports. And we love science. But life doesn’t allow us to do everything we want. We have to choose. 

When making that decision, we start to panic. What if this is the WRONG decision? What if this is NOT what I really want?

Doubts. Questions. Anxiety.

But as the deadline draws near. We all have to choose. 

THREE. Make an Informed Choice

By now, we have a few options on hand, each with their pros and cons. Before making the decision, we check all information about the school, the courses, the environment, even the Google review. 

After countless of research and contemplation, we finally decide.

Yes. This IS what I want. 

Yes. This IS my choice.

FOUR. Have Faith & Have Confidence

We have made the decision. Now, it’s time to wait. 

No more doubts. No more hesitation.

Whatever the results, we will give it our best shot.

O Levels Results: JC A Levels Chinese Tuition


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