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Should I retake the O Levels Chinese exam?

Factors to consider before retaking the O Levels Chinese Exam
“Should I retake my O Levels Chinese exam? ” 

Regardless of whether or not you’re attending Chinese tuition, that might be a burning question! What are the deciding factors we should consider? 

In about a week, we would get our results for the Chinese exam. There`s a possibility that some of us might be given the option to retake the written exam in November. So before coming to a conclusion, let’s take a look at the factors to consider!


1. Your Results

If you score anything between B4 and A2 with merit or distinction, chances are that your teachers / parents / Chinese tutor / Chinese tuition centre might strongly encourage you to retake the written exams. 

Why is that so? 

Your scores indicate that you have the potential to do better should you give it another try. And better still, you have already gone through the exam once, so you`re familiar with the national standards. Chances are, you would be able to do better the second time round.



2. Your Expectations

Okay. So the grades you receive might not be fantastic. Your parents and teachers really want you to retake the exams. You’re thinking of signing up for Chinese tuition (intensive).

But are YOU satisfied with the results? 

If you have been failing Chinese in school and can`t really speak a word in Chinese, then getting a C5 with pass might be good enough! If you have been doing really well in Chinese and scored a B3, you might want to give it another try, since that`s not your best performance.



3. Other Subjects

The O Levels are drawing near and we have MANY MANY subjects to revise for.

Time is definitely not on our side! 

 If you`re already struggling in other subjects, then it`s better that you focus on catching up. No point crying over spilled milk, right?



4. Pass or Fail

That being said, failing a subject might drag you down. When we receive our O Levels certificate, all grades will be reflected. If you failed even one subject, it`s not going to reflect well on your overall performance. Competition is tough. A C6 is better than a fail grade.



5. L1R5

Is O Levels Chinese one of the subjects that you`re good at? Are you intending to use Chinese as one of your R5? If so, then it makes sense to retake the exams and ensure better results. Otherwise, it would be better if you accept the grade you have and move on.



6. Willing to work for it?

Lastly, are you willing to put in effort to work towards a better grade? You`ll need to spend some time thinking about what are the areas to work on and revise thoroughly in order to improve. Don`t expect a miracle to happen and sit for the exam again without learning from your past mistakes. If need be, look for suitable Chinese tuition to guide you in the exam preparation.



Take some time to think through and talk to your parents, teachers, Chinese tutor, seniors and friends! Just make sure that you have no regrets after coming to the decision. In my opinion, Chinese Language is becoming very important in today`s context with China having greater influence on the world. I would give the O Levels Chinese exam my best shot and show that I can grasp the language.

Still can‘t make a decision? 

Have a go at our quiz below to find out if you should retake the O Levels Chinese exam!


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