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Where Should You Study in Singapore? | 新加坡有哪些学习的地方?


Hey everyone! I’m not sure about this, but I believe there are many of you who are like me, unable to focus on studying at home. Of course, if you can, then that’s a very good thing! However, I prefer to study outside. The main reason being that there are too many distractions at home, and the other being that it’s good to have a change of environment, which I like. Today, I’ll be sharing different places where students can study in Singapore. Even if you are able to study at home, it doesn’t hurt to know these places! Let’s dive in!

P.S. These places generally have sockets and wifi to meet your technological needs!

#1 National Library @ Orchard

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Most, if not all of the libraries in Singapore, provide areas for people to study or work. They don’t have much differences either, but if you were to ask why the one at Orchard, it would simply be because of its space and its looks. Amongst youngsters, this would probably be one of the hottest studying spots in Singapore. With resources in the form of books, comfortable seats, I don’t believe anyone could ever reject a place like that! Additionally, if you’re tired after studying or doing work, you can roam around and grab a book to read.

Orchard Road is a huge area. I believe many of you know that as important as studying is, rest is a must. Once you’ve finished your work or done studying, you can walk around the area or find a place to grab some food. Who could reject such an all-rounded place, where you can find everything! However, do remember that if possible, try to reach early. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is one of the more popular libraries. Hence, many people visit it. If you’re late, you might not be able to find a seat!

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, #03-12 / #04-11 orchard gateway, Singapore 238858

#2 Lowercase @ LASALLE

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This is a hidden cafe in LASALLE College of the Arts, though I’m sure most of you have heard of it. As a cafe, good food is definitely a part of it! According to my friends who have been there, the food is pretty decent, with a huge variety of choices. There are even some people who go just for the food. Not only this, I heard that nobody will chase you out! Those who love to study or work outside would definitely have the bad experience of being chased out whilst working halfway. Though if you want to go, do remember to go earlier in the day where it is not as crowded!

Unfortunately, there is something I have to let you guys know. Due to COVID-19, I’m not actually sure if it’s open to visitors. What I saw online is that they only allow takeaways for now, but as I’m not a student there, I’m unable to confirm this. As such, if you want to go, do be mentally prepared that it might not be open to outsiders!

Address: LASALLE College of the Arts, Blk D #01-01, 1 McNally St, 187940

#3 Hubquarters @ SCAPE

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SCAPE 在新加坡是一个让许多青少年聚在一起的地方,其中包括个HubQuarters。简单而言,它是一所针对青少年的共享办公室。根据官方网站,HubQuarters 不仅是办公室,更是那些有想法的年轻企业家的交流平台。也就是说,除了是一间办公室,HubQuarters也是一个社交地点。因此,如果你是年轻的企业家,并且很有想法,这是一个你可以考虑前往的地方!


SCAPE is a place for youngsters in Singapore to gather, and HubQuarters exists in it. To put it simply, it’s a co-working area for youngsters. According to their official website, the HubQuarters is not only a co-working area, but more for like-minded young entrepreneurs to socialise. If you’re a young entrepreneur with interesting thoughts and ideas, this is definitely a place to check out!

Just like I mentioned above however, I’m not really sure about the COVID-19 measurements put in place for this area either. COVID-19 has indeed affected us strongly, but with some hope and how things are getting better, Singapore is also slowly easing up on its measurements. Hence, for places like this to start opening up, it shouldn’t be too far away. If it’s not open though, don’t be disappointed as I have shared with you other places to visit too!

Address: 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

#4 Starbucks/The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (TCBTL)

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Cafes like Starbucks and TCBTL are probably one of the most common places for all of us to work and study at! According to what I know, these stores are just like McDonald’s currently. They are everywhere, in almost every neighbourhood, every mall. Especially in recent years, where students are starting to love all sorts of coffee, even black coffee, these stores are becoming popular. As these stores become popular, they are often filled with people. Hence, if you’re looking to grab a seat at one of these places, remember to go early!

As a cafe, the food is of a definite standard. Regardless of their beverages or desserts, they are sure to not disappoint! However, I know that as students, stores like this may become too expensive for you in the long run. You can consider getting a membership card at their stores and wait for a discount! For instance, Starbucks constantly offers their members one-for-one offers, where you guys can share with your friends two cups of coffee for the price of one, which should be more affordable! I shall not leave any addresses since the stores are mostly all around us, so just drop by any that’s near you!

#5 Community Centres

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大家应该都认识你们自己邻里的民众联络所吧!那么,你们知不知道,其实联络所里面多数都有自己的书房。在我附近的联络所,有一间真正的书房。里面有民众捐出的书本,同时也有一些桌椅供大家使用。环境不仅舒适,基本设备也都齐全。唯一的缺点是只有Passion Card会员可以进入。不过,这也只是我这里的联络所。至于你们自己的联络所,还得自己去查看。


I believe all of you know that your estates have a community centre, right? Well, did you know, in most community centres, there’s actually a study room or area? In my estate, it’s an actual study room with books donated by the community, along with tables and chairs for everyone to use. The environment is comfortable, with the basic equipment for studying or working! The only downside would be that I believe it requires a PassionCard to enter. Though this applies to my estate, I’m not sure if it does to yours, so you would have to check it out on your own!

I know it seems a little too plain and basic, but let me assure you, it’s not a bad place. To reach maximum efficiency, often you only need reliable equipment, and a conducive environment, which your community centres offer! As such, do give it a try, and who knows, you may become a regular “customer”!



Wherever you decide to study, I urge you to remember that the very foundation of your studies is the amount of effort you put in. A good environment only acts as a support. Without effort, even the best view you get will only be wasted. Till next time, bye!

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