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Books published by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition to help students prepare for the O levels Chinese and Higher Chinese exams


At Jocelyn Chinese tuition, we provide well-organized resources to support learning. Thus, we list the lesson objectives and assessment criteria clearly on every worksheet. This ensures quality learning and effective self-revision. 

Take a look at our sample resources below! This can serve as reference when you choose a suitable Chinese tutor / Chinese tuition centre.

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Essay writing Worksheet for H1 Chinese

Our well-organized worksheets help students grasp essential writing skills. Not only are the learning objectives clear, scaffolding is also provided for each segment. Thus, students can easily refer and revise after the lesson.

O level Chinese Higher Chinese oral exam revision package booklet by Jocelyn Chinese Tuition

O Level Chinese Revision Package​

In 2019, our dedicated team produced our very own O Levels Chinese Revision package! All students who join us at Jocelyn Chinese Tuition will receive this detailed book for free. Key techniques and structures are provided in the revision package to ease the load of your revision. 

Jocelyn Chinese Tuition Current Affairs Discussion (O Levels Chinese Oral / Higher Chinese Oral / H1 Chinese Oral)

Chinese Oral Exam Revision Package

Our team of experienced Chinese tutors collaborated with graduated seniors to compile hot oral topics for students’ revision. Sample questions and answers are provided to help students prepare for their exam.

Blog Posts with Practice Worksheets


We have also provided several free practices for your A levels and O levels Chinese revision! Simply read our blogs to practice key components of the national examinations. Worksheets with sample answers are provided with each post. Also, a list of key vocabulary relevant to the topics are also provided with explanation. Regular practice will go a long way in improving your Chinese language. All the best!

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