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Find yourself at a loss when it comes to Chinese Language? Can’t seem to find an effective method to improve your Chinese Language skills?

You are not alone.

Be it at O Level Chinese / Higher Chinese or A Level H1 Chinese, many students often struggle with the examinations. Since many students do not get to use Chinese Language outside the classrooms, it can prove to be difficult for them to grasp the skills.

As we can see, learning Chinese is a lifelong process and can sometimes prove to be challenging to many Secondary School / JC students. In order to help Chinese language students grasp essential techniques and skills, Jocelyn Chinese Tuition is here to share useful tips.

Be it students looking for Higher Chinese Tuition, or parents looking for Chinese Tuition on behalf of their children, you’ll be able to gain from our posts! Keep a lookout for our updates to learn more about the Chinese subject.

We also share honest opinions on relevant topics, such as “retaking of the O levels Chinese exam”. Thus, feel free to comment on our blog posts and share your views with us! 🙂

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ALL lessons are held IN HYBRID FORMAT
All lessons will be held in hybrid format (choice of online or physical lessons). We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. Stay safe everyone! 

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