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私人电邮 Informal Email Writing | 社会责任感 Social Responsibility

私人电邮 疫情间的社会责任感



During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus. This brought about the new normal in society, where everyone wore masks outside of our homes. Also, we started paying more attention to personal hygiene habits. With our combined efforts, the situation gradually came under control. The government also announced the loosening of nationwide measures. 

However, there are some black sheeps in the society who refuse to comply, putting not only their health but also others’ well-being at risk. The lack of social responsibilty, if not dealt with, will eventually bring harm to our society.




In informal writing, we would sometimes be required to give our opinions on such negative behaviours in society. Today, let us give it a try and write an email based on social responsibility!

Below is the format for informal writing. You’ll definitely have to remember it by heart as there will be a deduction of marks should there be any error in your format. The introduction and conclusion paragraph of your email can be kept short and to the point. The most important component to focus on would be the body paragraph, where you answer the questions posed (usually two key points). You would then be able to secure more content marks for your writing. Hence, do remember to analyse the question carefully. 



       你好!你近来如何?我今天写电邮的目的是 ___________。







私人电邮练习 Practice

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